Our Blessing of AARE

Post On Thursday, May 28, 2015 By Duwanda

Our Blessing of AARE

High risk with 3 previous c-sections and difficult deliveries in past, I was told not to having any more babies in the future because it is too risky. After 10 1/2 yrs of no pregnancies, we was definitely in the a surprise to discover we are pregnant. At 33 wks I was admitted and in severe pain. My bp 177/110 and my blood work did not look good, Platlets decreased to 19. I was diagnosed with severe HELLP sydrome, I required alot of assistance to prevent a stroke or/and seizure. With all the doctors was doing my symptons was increasing. My preparation for c-section was in progress. Our baby was 6 weeks early and her grow was slowing down due to her living in my adominal cavity. The experience of severe pain daily with walking, sleeping and baby movement. But the grace of the good Lord AARE was delivered into the world just under 5pds and 14.5 inches. "He is Able and We definitely believe that."

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