Scary Week After Delivery

Post On Tuesday, June 23, 2015 By stephanie

Scary Week After Delivery

I had my daughter Arianna on March 8, 2015. My pregnancy was a tough one. I had Gestational Diabetes and had to inject insulin 3 times a day. I also had excess fluid in my body which made me develop a pretty bad carpel tunnel syndrome ( I had 4 surgeries on my carpel tunnel after Arianna was born). I was never overweight and I NEVER had high blood pressure at all throughout my whole pregnancy. I went into labor on March 7th and on March 8th I had a C-Section and my beautiful, healthy 7Lb 12 Ounce daughter was born. As every mother knows, in the hospital stay following the birth of a baby, nurses routinely come in and check your blood pressure, temperature, etc. Everything was normal for me for my three day stay in the hospital. I went home after the third day and thought I was going to be able to enjoy the time with my family (my husband and I have a 9 year old son as well). A week after I had Arianna I started developing extremely bad headaches that struck only at night. I never get headaches but on day one of my headache I took Excedrin (I didn’t breast feed) and blamed it on my hormones returning to normal levels, my period, etc. On day two my headache didn’t get any better and I started experiencing shortness of breath. My husband started getting worried because the breaths I was taking was somewhat to a fish out of water. I made an appointment with my PCP and he saw me that day. The nurse in my PCP’s office noted to me that my blood pressure was somewhat high. She told me to remind my doctor when he came in to check it again. Seeing that it’s not my job to remind a DOCTOR to check my blood pressure, I of course forgot to tell him. As for my shortness of breath he told me it was allergies and prescribed an inhaler. I asked him about my serious headaches at night and he told me it was most likely my hormones and he told me to take Excedrin. Me, being satisfied that I had an inhaler, went home and waited for it to work on my shortness of breath. Day three at 3 am in the morning I was awoken by literally the worst headache I ever experienced in my life. I was shaking back and forth, couldn’t keep my eyes closed or put my head down. Every position on was in didn’t make the pain go away ( and I was still having shortness of breath). My husband was awake with me and went to CVS at 315am to get what he could find for headaches that was stronger than Excedrin. When he came back I couldn’t take it anymore and at 4 am I left my poor husband alone with two kids ( one being our newborn) and I drove myself 20 min to the  hospital. At this point I am in so much pain I thought I was going to die and I was reduced to tears. They rushed me into a room and my blood pressure was 200/100 (and it stayed this way for over an hour). I was immediately admitted and rushed to labor and delivery and started on blood pressure meds and a ten hour magnesium sulfate drip. I had to be monitored for two days in the hospital. The doctors said I had Postpartum Preeclampsia and it’s very rare. They also said if I didn’t come to the hospital when I did I would of started seizuring and I could of died.  

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