Surprised with Post-Partum Preeclampsia !!!

Post On Friday, July 10, 2015 By mindy

Surprised with Post-Partum Preeclampsia !!!

I have learned so much reading others stories so I thought I would share mine...  Two years ago I welcomed my second daughter on June 6th.   The pregnancy went very well as did my pregnancy with my first.   I noticed both times that my feet remained swollen.   The second time though after a week after delivery they were still very swollen.  I tried to alternate short walks with resting and elevating my feet.   I even tried soaking them in tonic water!   After 11 days I noticed a pain in my chest when I would have deep breaths or whenever I would lay on my side.   I thought at first it was either because I slept wrong on it (although with a newborn you do not sleep enough for this to happen), I lifted something heavy, or my bra was too tight!   Then on the 10th day after delivery it was the first time I stepped on the scale and found out that I weighed more than I did the day I delivered my daughter.    It was the end of the day so I called my OB/GYN and they suggested I head to the hospital.   My husband was at the pool with my older daughter so I took our newborn with me and went to the ER.   My BP was 190/90 and I remember naievely thinking it was because it was really hot outside and that I walked from the car holding the infant seat.    

They started running multiple tests on me and I remember feeling so bad that I had to leave my baby at the receptionist desk at the ER!   When they schedule to have a person drive in to perform an echocardiogram, I called my husband to come in.   After about 5 hours and multiple trips to the bathroom because of the diuretic that I was given, I was diagnosed with post-partum preeclampsia.   I found out the pain I was feeling was fluid on my lungs and around my heart.   

I ended up spending two days in the hospital in the L&D wing taking Magnesium Sulfate and was dismissed with BP meds which I took for around a  month.

When I told people so many were suprised as they had never heard of Post-Partum Preeclampsia.   I am definitely more health conscious and hope that by sharing my story not only can others learn from it and perhaps even help someone seek medical attention if they experience the same symptoms.   I look forward to the day when we can say that we have a full understanding and treatment plan, or ideally preventative abilities for preeclampsia and post-partum preeclampsia!

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