Severe early onset preeclampsia and my little girl was born at 25 weeks 2 days

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Severe early onset preeclampsia and my little girl was born at 25 weeks 2 days

We conceived in 2011 with delivery date being 15th May 2012. I was so excited to be pregnant. I knew I was pregnant when I was on holiday in Turkey with a friend and my period had not arrived. I did not particularly feel sick. When it came to about 10 weeks in pregnancy, I was getting a lot of fatigue. I stopped traveling a big distance to my partner, he did the commute to me. He took the pets. The fatigue starting affecting the housework. I was surrounded by all undone housework. I was also losing friends, as they were getting fed up with me, as I was not meeting them in town to go for a meal, as I was either late or still at home, asleep. They were not good friends, were they?

I found that I woke at 8.20am rushing to get to work, not having brushed my teeth. I was not meeting deadlines at work. I was wanting to have a nap at lunch time, I started eating lunch in the car, in an attempt to get a bit of shut eye, however it never happened. I wanted to hit the desk and fell asleep at 3pm and then struggled to get through to 5.20pm. I fell asleep from 6pm to 9pm, where I would try to eat something, but I was not hungry, I just wanted to drink a supplement, but all the ones in the supermarket were not recommended to pregnant people. I thought this was normal pregnancy symptoms.

One night I was out with my dad, he was getting worried about the strength of my relationship with my partner. Looking back this conversation was needless. ,that night my stress levels went up. In the pub, I started getting visual disturbances. A migraine was building. I said to my dad, I had to get home and rest. I have never had a migraine like it, it was agony. I had to call into work, to say I was ill. I made an emergency doctor's appointment. I was seen by a locum doctor who did not seem as concerned as I was. I thought, well, at least it is recorded on my files. 

I was swelling up everywhere. Rings had to come off. At the start of week 23, I went into work on Monday, with not much swelling. Friday they sent me home, as I was badly swollen. My assistant manager was concerned that I was 23 weeks and had only seen my midwife once in this timeframe. I did not go home, I was then in and out of hospital. I did not know where I was coming or going, whether rest was helping or medication was helping my blood pressure. I was in denial, I could not get my head around that I was suffering from a major condition that affected me and my little baby.

One day I was asked to walk from a clinic across two busy roads, past the main hospital site to the maternity wards in a seperate building. I had to keep stopping, I was out of breath and felt like I was pulling a long a heavy trailer of bricks behind me. I got there. I was put in high dependency ward. My blood pressure was only going one way. More professionals came in and watching my every move. Partner arrived. Eventually my blood pressure went down slightly, I could sleep.

I was put on a ward, then told to take steroids and this all happened again. Then in week 25 I was told that I would be taken to Southampton Hospital, as they were better equipped and expecting me. I knew, but again in denial, and I didn't think I would have her as soon as I arrived in Southampton. I did. 8 hours after arriving in Southampton, she was born.

She was born in good condition - thank God. She had her own journey in NICU that was not pleasant. 15 weeks later, we could take her home. She was a fighter, it seemed that she really wanted to be here. She is now 3 1/2 years old. A happy little soul weighing just under 11 kg and 87 cms tall. She has global developmental delay, but otherwise a healthy little girl.

I still take tablets for hypertension. I was overweight and still overweight. I have recently lost a stone and I want to lose more weight, as we now want another child. I know what to look for with the second pregnancy. I will not be under so much stress either this time and I will document how I feel each day if I need too.

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