PE in second pregnancy causes suspicion over first.

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PE in second pregnancy causes suspicion over first.

in 2011 I had a wonderful, simple first pregnancy. At 38 weeks my BP elevated slightly and rather than show concern I was induced and had a simple 4 hour labour. Having had a history of mild Hypertension prior to pregnancy, not much more was thought of it and the BP never quite returned to normal before 7 months later when I got pregnant with number 2. 29 weeks again of simple and uneventful pregnancy came to an abrupt end when my Dr called saying my BP was a little high and I should visit the Women's Assessment Unit for a brief check. I stopped by and after several BP checks and protein checks and several hours a decision was made that I had PE and would not be discharged until after delivery. I was moved the next day to the WCH in Adelaide where the aim was to get me to 34 weeks and induce. Despite use of Nifedopine, followed by the addit ion if Metheldopa and finally lobetelol at 31w5d with baby sitting on the 3rd percentile for size and after 6 hours on the ECG the decision was made that baby was in distress and an emergency c-section was undertaken. I had been in hospital 10 days. 

Baby girl was born weighing a tiny 1.31kg however, otherwise did well. She threw up no real or unexpected challenges (I had been given 3 steroid shots over the 10 days). She thrived and learned to feed well. She spent a combined 5w 2d on NICU, SCBU and then SCN. She was discharged as soon as she had 24 hrs of consecutive breast/bottle feeds. 

There are no bones, this was a stressful and challenging experience. Our daughter is now 3 and has well and truly caught up in size and development and is highly intelligent. She had a tendency for bronchialitis and asthmatic symptoms whenever she got a cold until she turned 2. However, in the last 12 months this had only happened once and far less severely.

It took 12 months for my kidneys to stop secreting protein and my BP has never returned to normal (I'm pretty sure it was only noreal before I got pregnant with my son was because I was very fit at that point).

We would love to have number 3 and have stressed long and hard about whether to risk this again. I am in the process of consulting with a cardiologist. I have seen an Obgyn who was not terribly concerned about the concept of us having a 3rd. he told me they would do an ultrasound of the artery into the uterus to check for kinks and determine risk and low dose aspirin would be prescribed, along with close monitoring. I don't know yet if we will proceed with baby 3, but the Obgyn was not too concerned. Results from the Cardiologist will be next in line. Wish me luck!

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