Preeclampsia: a major threat to mother and child health

Post On Thursday, November 19, 2015 By Sumona

Preeclampsia: a major threat to mother and child health

Pregnancy is the period where a mother nurtures her baby in the womb and develops angiogenic (blood) as well as emotional bond. The family relishes this period, while pampering the expecting mother, and looking forward to welcome their next generation. I was not an exception; every antenatal check-up assured me everything is normal and going well. Pregnancy, however, is not a simple process and the entire scientific community has been struggling to understand the dynamics of this mind that starts with a single cells and ends in a full human child. Since, the entire process happens within the confines of the mother’s womb and the slightest disturbance during this period leads to damage to the developing child. This makes the monitoring of the pregnancy and prediction of its outcome very difficult. Most of the times, the real complication starts much earlier than its clinical manifestation and consequently the damage becomes irreparable and irreversible.

It was my Anniversary 11th December, we were celebrating our togetherness but there was little uncomfort. I felt headache and blurred vision. My husband and family noticed swelling. We thought to visit my obstetrician, even though we visited just last week and it was normal.

She checked my blood-pressure, heart-beat of the fetus and a few tests. Next thing was I have been admitted in the hospital wrapped around with medical devices. Nurses started pushing the steroid injections for quick development of the little unborn life inside my womb. Magnesium Sulphate injections and antihypertensive medications was there for three long days. Nothing was able to control the shoot-up in the blood pressure. My husband had to take the decision of pre-term delivery with a known risk that we might loose our little baby whom we have not yet hold in our hand but was very much in our heart, in our life, in us.

On, 14th December when the diastolic has shoot to 190mm, the obstetrician said no waiting but immediate C-section. At 9:00 pm my little daughter, born 80 days ahead. She was premature and small with low birth weight of 910gm. Edema and high blood pressure persisted for a month and my daughter was in NICU for one and a half month. The time was difficult and hard but it passed. We did everything possible, help from the medical advancement, homeopathic medicines and home-made recipes. However, the most important one is the patience, understanding and love. Now, my daughter will be 5 years old on 14th December 2015 and growing as normal as any other child.

I was lucky and so was my daughter, but not every woman who got complicated pregnancy with preeclampsia. I believe, research should be initiated to identify the early biomarkers (like protein based or miRNA) so that it could be identified much before the onset of clinical symptom. The timely interventions might prevent such high risk pre-term deliveries.

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