The scariest moment of my life

Post On Tuesday, December 29, 2015 By Nikki

The scariest moment of my life

My story begins with my first son. He was due May 17, 2012. I had no idea what preeclampsia was. At 28 weeks, my ob sent me straight to the hospital after a high bp reading as well as protein. I stayed for one week to get steroid shots and procardia to lower the bp. After three days, my ob came in and told me she was going to perform a 24 hour urine test and if it came back negative, we'd be delivering my son that next day. I was scared. Fortunately, after several doses of meds and rest, I was regulated and we were able to make it to 39/1. He came out at 8 lbs 10 oz. Perfect.

Fast forward to 2014. My second son was due July 4th. I had a normal pregnancy until I started swelling that may. It got so bad my mom took a pic of me and I was unrecognizable. My new ob blew it off and said to eat less salt. I took her word. At 35 weeks, I went to see her and she noticed the swelling becoming worse and increased bp. She told me we would have to deliver the next day. My son was a tiny 5 lbs 13 oz but he was healthy. Not one day in the nicu! We went home three days later. I had a dull headache the days following but I blew it off. A week later I couldn't even lie my head on my pillow without crying. It hurt so bad. The next morning I called my mother and told her something was wrong and that's all I remember. From there she says she came home and found me passed out in the living room. She took me to my ob and my bp was 200/110. They rushed me to the hospital and started mag. I remember screaming in pain and begging them to knock me out bc the pressure in my head was beyond what I could bear. They ordered me a ct scan to check for any damage and from there I was placed on morphine every two hours. For two weeks I laid in that bed. My ob was frustrated because my bp refused to lower even after being placed on 90mg of procardia. Eventually it lowered to an acceptable number and I was able to go home. I am still on the meds for bp and I have lost part of my vision due to the strain on my brain at that time but overall it could have been so much worse. Please do not blow off a symptom no matter how mundane. This disease is dangerous. Take proper precaution. 

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