Believing for my miracle baby

Post On Friday, January 22, 2016 By Gloria Akhere

Believing for my miracle baby

On March 25th 2015 I had high BP and got to later know it was preeclampsia.My gyn saw me adding weight and swollen face and feet but never educate me on preeclampsia which I have not heard before (first-time mum). I lost our son at 30 weeks; I was induced and had to deliver baby Jaden (stillbirth). I and my husband really felt bad because we were so attach to him especially when he kicks. Later in July I conceived and my new ob/gyn prescribed baby aspirin to prevent it from occuring starting from 5 weeks but when I was almost done with my dose a scan was done, but baby was not growing at 8 weeks and no heartbeat. I later miscarried. Now I am pregnant at 11 weeks, my new ob has prescribed the same baby aspirin. I am scared to start the dose likewise my husband. Please someone should help me out because right now we are confused and bittered. I am tired of a sad life.

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Baby Aspirin

Posted On Monday, November 30, -0001 By Sherry


I too suffered a miscarriage at 8 weeks. Then another at 5 weeks, and another. Finally just before we started to do chromosome testing, my Dr. suggested that I start a dose of baby aspirin. I convieved again and this time it lasted. :) I now have my sweet 9 month old boy. I did however, begin to show signs of preeclamsia at 37 weeks. I was sent to the hospital and induced the next day. I understand some of the pain you are feeling. It seems never ending and like constant disappointment. The struggle will continue probably even through a healthy pregnancy as it did for me. I would take the baby aspririn as it cannot hurt the baby but could help you carry to term. My Dr. told me it has been proven to help keep the tiny blood vessels open while baby is forming. I did stop taking my baby aspirin after 34 weeks just incase I delivered early (I did) as it is a blood thinner. 

I hope you can find some peace in knowing that you are not alone. much love, Sherry

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