Could have benefitted from Preeclampsia Education

Post On Thursday, February 25, 2016 By Kathryn

Could have benefitted from Preeclampsia Education

My first pregnancy was going so smoothly for the first and second trimester.  I rarely felt any nausea, had incredible energy and felt as if everything was going along as it should.  Right around 26 weeks, I started to notice my feet swelling and didn't think anything of it, or I guess I thought it was normal.  At 27 weeks I started to feel a pain in my upper abdomen.  I struggled with it for 2 days before I told my husband something was wrong.  When I got to the doctor, they told me about my high blood pressure and large amount of protein in my urine so I was admitted right away to the hospital where I was told that the baby would need to be taken out by c-section immediately.  I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome as my internal organs were failing at a rapid rate.  

I was never told about the risk of preeclampsia or HELLP during my routine dr. visits.  I feel like if I was educated about the risks I would have taken extra precautions during my pregnancy.  I'll admit I wasn't in peek health when I got pregnant (as I conceived immediately after getting off birth control), so a little education would have been helpful to keep me conscious of the risks anyone can face.

Our son was born at 27 weeks, 2lbs 2ounces.  He is one year old today with no significant issues (thank God).  I'm extra concerned now that it won't be safe to try and conceive again, but I'm looking for a High-Risk Doctor to really give me an educated assessment of my risk factors.  I am excited to become an advocate and support the education of pregnant women so that the signs are properly noticed and handled.  I felt a lot of guilt while my son was in the NICU for 81 days, and no one should have to deal with that.  A little education could go a long way, so I'm here now and will volunteer my time to help others with this.  Thank you for the other stories and for reading mine.


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