In October 2001 I was admitted to hospital after experiencing severe pains in my abdominal

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In October 2001 I was admitted to hospital after experiencing severe pains in my abdominal

In October 2001 I was admitted to hospital after experiencing severe pains in my abdominal area. My hands, face, feet and ankles were swollen up to 4 times its normal size. My blood pressure was extremely high and there was a high level of protein in my urine. After having blood tests done it was found out that my platelets were at an extremely low level of 81. I was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia at 19 weeks of pregnancy. At that time I knew nothing about this condition and I was told that I was too early in my pregnancy for my baby to survive outside my womb. I was advised to have a termination of pregnancy. My baby was born at 19 weeks of pregnancy, weighed 450 grams and being of male gender. All this happened so quickly that at the time it was too much for me to consume all at once. I was devastated. I had lost my first baby. Within three weeks my blood pressure normalized and I went home empty handed, heart-broken, scared and depressed all at the same time. I never knew something so wonderful as a pregnancy could go so wrong. I never really understood what had happened and why.


As time went by I so badly longed to have a baby, but I was too scared. Two years later my husband and I thought it was time to try again, I stopped my contraceptive and decided to start taking multivitamins and folic acid. Within six to seven months later I became pregnant. Finally I had some wonderful news to share with my husband again. We were both so excited and also so scared. There were chances of pre-eclampsia re occurring this time around too. I started attending ante-natal clinic as soon as possible and after hearing my history the doctor decided that I should start taking a small amount of aspirin daily to help increase the blood flow to my baby. At 12 weeks into my pregnancy a week after my blood samples were taken I received a call from my doctors rooms telling me to come in, something was wrong. We immediately rushed to the hospital. I was told that I needed to see a specialist obstetrician as my alpha feto protein level was elevated. This only occurs when there are multiple pregnancies or the baby has a spinal disorder. Thinking the worst I became sad and depressed. When I visited this new doctor, I was asked if I bled in my early pregnancy. This I confirmed with him and told him that after I bled at 8 weeks I went for an n ultrasound scan to see if everything was fine and according to the scan my sac was intact and everything appeared to be normal. After having another ultrasound scan for 45 minutes by this new doctor, I was told that there were two placentas in my womb but only one was attached to baby. He told me that when I bled I had lost the other baby.

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