How I survived Preeclampsia

Post On Wednesday, April 20, 2016 By Peggy

How I survived Preeclampsia

I was expecting my first baby, a girl.  I was very excited, I went to my doctors apt. and they said your blood pressure is a little high.  It normally was good I was kinda concerned.  Well they put me on a 24 hour urine test and after that I thought nothing of it.  My numbers came back just a little elevated so I was ok with that.

I went home and 2 weeks later my mom came over to my house and she seen how puffy I was and told me I need to call my doctor.  So the next day I did and they wanted me to come in.  So I arrived on time and the nurse called my name and said Hunny you need to get into the office at once.  Took my blood pressure it was 200/200 and I had 2+ protein in my urine.  They took me down the hall I had no idea what was going on.  The doctor looked at me and said, You need to be admitted at once.  Now I still had no idea what was going on.  I walked down the hallway with the doctor and he said do you have anyone in the waiting room.  Well yes I did my grandpa, so he said, Grandpa you need to come immediately she is very sick and I need to get her to the hospital.  

Got to the hospital they put me in a gown, and I was scared I had no idea what was going on.  Hooked me to an IV and came and got labs.  As soon as my labs came back the doctor said, we are getting you in the ambilance right away and taking you to Lansing, which is 1.5 hours away.  I said please tell me what is going on.  He said you have Preeclampsia, and you are very sick we need to get you to a bigger hospital to deliver.  Now I was only 30 weeks with my first baby all I knew was I had 10 weeks left till I was due.  They came with a big bag of magnesium.  It went in like little fire ants.  Made me feel horrible.  It was like my body had the worst sunburn but the insdie of my body was cold.  I also hated the way I feel, I am scared, I have no idea what Preeclampsia was even about.  They loaded me in the ambulance and I couldn't see I had lost my eyesight.  It was like you push your corner of your eye really tight, you can see colors but can't make anything out.  The nurse with me was a family friend so that really helped me with how scared I am. Then she explanined to me what preeclampsia was.  I was shocked, was it my fault?  What could I have done to prevent this?  How is my baby?  All these thoughts ran through my mind. 

Once I got the hospital I had no idea where I was they got me in the room and I had all these doctors all around me getting my case and taking vitals, ect.  This whole time I wanted to know how my baby was.  Then a beautiful sight came in the ultrasound lady came in I was so happy to see her. (The doctor and nurses said she was coming that is how I knew)  she put her doppler on me and I heard her heartbeat I was so happy.  So they put me in another room and put these legs presses on me felt good since I was so swollen.  

At 3am they had a bunch of nurses came in and said we are going to break your water.  I was like wow ok, well I had no ides what kind of pain that would intell.  YIKES, but then it was over.  Well then the contractions came.  They were very intence since they were pushing my labor so fast.  At 10pm that night on Good Friday I gave birth to a beautiful 4lb baby girl.  She was perfect.  They gave her to me but since I could not see I tried holding her up to my face, but I could not make her out what she looked like.  My mom kept saying she is beautiful, Peggy,  I cried because I could not see her.  It was heartbreaking.  Then the nurses took her away, and I still had to be strapped to a bed for another 24 hours.  

After the 24 hours was up they got me dressed and cleaned up and took me to see my baby.  She was so little, beautiful every scare, every pain, and every horrible thing I have been through was a distant memory to this little baby I am looking at.  They let me hold her she had so many wires hooked to her.  But she was so beautiful and breathing on her own.  Words cannot ever describe the way I felt at that time.

I got to get out of the hospital 3 days later.  My blood pressure went back to normal, and I had no protein.  The doctor then finally told me how Sick I was, I spilled over 3000 protein in my urine, I gained 25lbs if water weight in two hours, and my bloood pressure was out of control.  I was numb, I could not believe it.  I stayed in a Ronald McDonald home right across the hospital, so I got to see my baby every single day.  4 Weeks later I got the good news to take my baby home.  It was great news.  This was 9 years ago.  My preemie is 9 years old and almost 100lbs.  Looking at her you would never knew the struggle it took for her to be here today.

Now I am having my 3rd baby and was diagnosed with Preeclampsia again.  I am 32 weeks and I know what to expect now so I am not that scared.  It is mild but sooner or later she (Preeclampsia) will show her true colors.  But I keep thinking this will all be worth it again in the end.  Needless to say NO MORE KIDS FOR ME!  I hope my story helps people out.  It is scary but you can make it!!  I wish you all the best!

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