Feuerschwenger Story

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Feuerschwenger Story

January of 2014, we found out that we were expecting a baby and that was going to be due on September 6, 2014. In April we found out it was a girl! We were so excited and ready for the challenge of bringing a baby into this world.  Everything was going great until the afternoon of May 29th, when I went to the doctor for a regular checkup and glucose test. After the nurse took my blood pressure and the doctor came in, I was told that I would need to go to the hospital to be monitored for a few hours because my blood pressure was pretty high. I was not allowed to drive myself, so I called my husband and told him what was going on and that he needed to pick me up and take me to JFK Hospital.  We were both thinking that this was only going to take a few hours at the hospital and then we would be able to go home... but it did not happen that way.


Once we arrived at JFK hospital we were put on the labor and delivery floor where the nurses hooked the monitors up to me and the blood pressure machine.  Within minutes of being monitored, my blood pressure was rising as high as 197/112. Seconds later, doctors, nurses, social workers and neonatologists were in our room explaining that the medication was not working to bring down my blood pressure, and the baby would have to be delivered. Tears were filling up in our eyes while the doctor was explaining about preeclampsia and how there is no cure for it but to deliver the baby. I was then given a steroid shot for the baby’s lungs since they were not fully developed at 25 weeks and 4 days and being asked if I was experiencing any symptoms of preeclampsia, such as blurred vision, shortness of breath, chest pains and/or headache, and I did not have any of that.   The doctors told us that JFK is not able to handle a baby born at 25 weeks and I needed to be transferred to Newark Beth Israel Hospital. 


Once we arrived at Newark Beth Israel, we had two of the best doctors who monitored me very closely and explained everything that was going on with me and the baby.  For 5 days, things were somewhat stable with the help of the magnesium, and we were thinking that we were going to possibly be going home soon...until my blood pressure went up again. The doctors were called in, and we were told that I was in serious danger and the baby needed to be delivered immediately.  I was rushed into surgery, and that is where the doctors delivered our little Massie-Grace on June 2, 2014 at 26 weeks weighing 1lb9oz.  She was so tiny and let out a little cry. We spent 73 days in the NICU with our baby girl every day.  On August 14, 2014, Massie came home! 


Massie-Grace Feuerschwenger is going to be 2 years old on June 2, 2016 and is healthy and so smart!  

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