In Honor of Zoe

Post On Sunday, May 01, 2016 By Amy

In Honor of Zoe

As we get close to Mother's Day, it's sad to say that as I should be celebrating that I am still a mother to an Angel in Heaven. I can't say I can celebrate that day without having my daughter with me. On Feb 16, 2016, I had my doctors appointment. My blood pressure was high at 164/96, after checking it three times the doctor stated I had to be admitted for 24 hours for a protein urine test. I had no idea of what preeclampsia could be or lead to. As the 24 hours passed by, they had given me the steroid injections for my baby's lungs. On February 18, 2016, the doctor stated I had to have an emergency c-section as my protein in my urine was at 11,000 and the only way to get rid of my severe preeclampsia before it would get worse and hurt me or my baby girl would be to deliver in an hour. I had no symptoms besides swollen feet and I had gotten a bad cough and fever that weekend before. I gave birth to my Zoe Cataleya Velasquez weighing 1lb 7oz at only 26 weeks 6 days. My daughter was a strong one as little as she was, she was doing so good the first 2 couple of weeks. Three weeks after being born, Necrotzing Enterecolitis (NEC) decided to take my daughter away. It has been the hardest thing a woman can go through after having to deliver so early not being able to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy and giving our baby the chance to grow. I didn't even get to have maternity pictures nor a baby shower. The first couple of days after I delivered were horrible for me, being in all kinds of meds to control my blood pressure. I did have a fast recovery after, I was just praying that my little girl would make it through. At least now I know the symptoms and will hope that I can one day be a mother again preeclampsia-free and be able to have my rainbow baby at full term. I won't be discouraged nor fear as I know God has and will always be by our side.

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