My pregnancy almost killed me

Post On Tuesday, May 03, 2016 By Kim Senatore

My pregnancy almost killed me

At the age of 34 I found out I was pregnant. From the minute I saw the positive test I know it was not a normal pregnancy. I found put I was pregnant 6 days before I mossed my period and I was extremely sick and exhausted. In the back of my head I kept thinking there was more than 1 baby. That was confirmed when I had my 1st ultrasound on friday the 13th at 5 weeks 6 days. I remember the ultrasound told me I was wasting her tims because I was so early but she ate her words as soon as she placed the probe on my abdomen. I was carrying identical twins. My pregnancy was brutal. I had morning sickness the entire time and at 33 weeks I was admitted to the hospital for PIH. I spent the week and recieved a blood transfusion for anemia. I was home 1 night when everything went downhill. At 34 weeks 3 days I woke up feeling like I had the flu. I spent the day on the couch and had dinner with my parents. I started to cry because my lungs felt like they were filling up with fluid. My mom's a nurse and checked my bp which was 178/110. I was rushed back to the hospital where my ob decided on an emergency cSection. The csection itself was uneventful besides the magnesium (which is a horrible drug). My girls were doing great, weighing 5 lbs 1oz and 4 lbs 15 oz. I was taken back to the recovery room where my blood pressure started to drop. My dr lifted my sheet and I saw alot of blood. I probably would of freaked out but I was half conscious at the time. The combination of the magnesium and preeclampsia prevented my uterus from contracting and I was bleeding out. I needed large amounts of Cytotec, which is a drug that is used to induce abortions, to allow my uterus to contract. The next few hrs were scary because he told me if I started bleeding again they were taking my uterus. Part of me wanted him to but I was only 35 I wasnt ready for that. I spent the next week in the hospital, ended up with flash pulmonary edema and needing my incision reopened due to clots forming under it. I went home on lasix and labetolol. My girls are now 3 yrs old and complete divas! I often think of that night and sometimes I cry cause I almost died before ever holding my babies. Most of the time I smile because preeclampia lost that fight. I beat it and I get to hug my babies whenever I want

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