Emergency C-section was not my plan!

Post On Wednesday, May 04, 2016 By Susan

Emergency C-section was not my plan!

At 28 weeks I had an episode during my first pregnancy. I felt like I was completely out of it and not all together there. I remember going to my dad's house since my husband was still at work. We ended up calling 911. They suggested that I call my doctor's office first to see what they recommend and call back if needed. By the time the doctor on call had called me back I was feeling back to normal. It was such an odd feeling like I couldn't say the words I wanted to say fast enough. I was almost in slow motion struggling to talk. Then a week later I was getting up for work like normal. Thinking about things I needed to do that day. Next thing I know I am being slapped in the face by a paramedic saying my name. Come to find out (husband filled in details) that he found me on the bathroom floor indian style and startled when he said my name. Then I proceeded to go back to bed instead of going to work.

He said I all of sudden started to seizure and he called 911. Apparently I had seizured twice that morning though. We get to the hospital and my OBGYN showed up and first got on to me about not tellling him what happened the week prior (which I figured the associate would but I was wrong on that, NEVER assume). He told me he was going to have to perform an emergency c-section. So that day I had a 2lb 5oz baby that was only about 13 inches long. She spent the next 8 weeks in the NICU but she was a fighter from the get go. Now she's a very energetic 8 year old. We found out at the age of 5 she was autistic, adhd and she has cavernous hemgioma on the brain. She's my little blessing though. Taught me so much. I am fortunate she recovered from that traumatic experience.

My second child I had preclampsia come back again. This time not until 33 weeks along. This pregnancy if any small thing was wrong I told my doctor. I was considered high risk due to my previous pregnancy.  I ended up in the second trimester getting frequent NST Scans and Doppler Scans. My little one was having a big of issues growing inside of me. We were stationed at England at the time and the military doc ended up transferring me to a British specialist. Around 33 weeks high blood pressure started to happen again. I was about 150/110 at one appt and he wasn't taking a chance. I was admitted into the hospital so I could be monitor. I was there for a good 2 weeks or so. They finally decided to ahead and take her out since she was not growing in my belly. She was born 3lbs 14oz. She is now an almost 5 year old energetic little girl. She's had a few developmental delays but catching up fast. I have to say I was blessed that things could have been so much worse. 

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