My Preeclampsia Story

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My Preeclampsia Story

I was 36 weeks pregnant when I went in for my regular doctor's visit.  It was Wednesday May 27th. I had been feeling miserable and was swelled up pretty bad, but that's part of pregnancy right? And with this being my first pregnancy, I didn't know any different.

My husband and I got into the exam room, and the nurse checked my urine, and my blood pressure. She then informed me that by blood pressure was way too high and I had protein in my urine so I needed to lay on my side till the doctor came in.

My Doctor came in and rechecked my blood pressure. She then said I have severe preeclampsia and was going to be sent to the hospital to have my baby.  All I heard out of the conversation was I was going to have a baby today!!

My husband and I arrived at the birth floor and were taken to a room right away. The nurses then explained to me that I was going to be an IV of magnesium sulfate and that I could feel sick, tired and just plain miserable. That wasn't a joke. Everything they told me was true, and I would feel that way for the next 34 hours.

The Doctor came in and explained that I was at severe risk for stroke and seizures so if I didn't progress by midnight I would have a c-section.  By midnight I was dilated to 9cm but all agreed c-section it would be. my Eddy Michael was born at 12:34 AM on May 28.  He was 5lbs 8oz and 19inches long. He was absolutely perfect!

I spent the whole first day of my son's life in and out of sleep, and blurred vision and just feeling miserable from the magnesium sulfate. I barely remember visitors coming during that time. However, at 1am on Friday morning I was taken off the magnesium Sulfate. By 9am Friday I was able to get up and walk around, and by 10am I was showered  able to feed by son, and help change diapers. My husband had been doing this all by himself, with the help of our amazing nurses. We had visitors that day, and everything was perfect! Even though my blood pressure was still high, I was going to get to go home Sunday morning. 

 Saturday was another great day. I still had high blood pressure, but doctors were working on finding the right pills for me to take. We had lots of family visit and were so excited that we would be taking our baby boy home the next day! 

Around 6pm Saturday night I began feeling crappy. Like I was getting a cold.  This feeling got progressively worse and  started to feel as if I couldn't breath, but I kept telling myself I was fine because I was going home the next morning.

As  night went on I couldn't ignore it anymore. The nursed checked me, then checked my blood pressure and oxygen level and they took a chest X-ray. My oxygen was very low and before I knew it every nurse was in my room getting me ready to go to the ICU.

I had no idea what was going on and no one would tell me until the doctor got there. Finally, the doctor arrived and they rushed me to the intensive care unit. While on the way there, with an oxygen mask on, the doctor me I had pulmonary edema, my lungs were filling up with fluid, and yes, can be life threatening.

I got to my room in the ICU and was immediately hooked up to an IV of lasiks to push the fluids out of my body. As I lay there that night, my husband asleep in the hard chair next to the bed, all I could think was that my poor baby upstairs in the birth center wasn't going to have a mommy. I'm not a super religious person, but I prayed so much that night.

The next day, Sunday, I spent in the ICU. My oxygen was going up, but I still had the oxygen in my nose. That morning the nurses from the birth center brought Eddy down to the ICU to visit me.  I will be forever greatful to them.

Sunday afternoon I was able to go back up to my room in the birth center. I still had high blood pressure and didn't know when I was going to get to go home. I felt hopeless.

Monday afternoon, I was finally able to get out of bed and shower. I was feeling much better and even though I still had high blood pressure I was going to get to go home Tuesday!

On Tuesday I was sent home with a prescription for 2 blood pressure pills and one perfect baby boy. I couldn't have been more excited! That night while finally getting into my own bed, I started feeling like I did when I was in the hospital. I was coughing a lot and having shortness of breath. I live 25 minutes from the hospital so I was terrified of getting sick again. I Googled everything I could about pulmonary edema, preeclampsia, c-sections and childbirth. Everything told me I was dying of course! The next morning, Wednesday, I hadn't even been home 24 hours, I called my doctor and she told me to come right in to see her. 

When there she said that I still had a little fluid in my lungs and that everything was naturally working itself back into place. She sent me home with the pill form of lasiks and to continue my blood pressure pills. I would then have to go back in for blood pressure checks once a week for a few weeks following.

 The next few weeks I would spend my night time Googling the same stuff: pulmonary edema, preeclampsia and c sections. Everytime that I coughed or felt like I had a chest ache I would be in a panic.

Time was the only thing that helped me get over my anxiety of getting sick again. Time, along with my incredible husband, and family and friends. Without them I never would have survived the first 3 months of my baby's life. My baby Eddy Michael will be a year old on May 28th.  I honestly believe we were blessed with such a great baby because all that I went through! We still haven't decided if we will ever be ready for baby #2! :)

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