Didn't Expect This Week

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Didn't Expect This Week

In June 1990, my husband & I were expecting our third child. Out two previous pregnancies had been basically normal- I had extreme morning sickness & gestational diabetes (diet-controlled) in the first pregnancy, but typical morning sickness in the second and no diabetes. In this pregnancy I had been able to avoid morning sickness by making sure my stomach was never completely empty. Except for a single severe headache one Sunday in May (didn't even consider contacting Dr., since it was gone by next morning), I'd had no exceptional discomforts. On Father's Day, I woke feeling as though I had a kidney infection-something else I first experienced in my first pregnancy, I eventually went to the hospital about midday to be checked. No infection detected, but my BP was way up. Doctor let me go home, with instructions to remain in bed & come in to the office on Thursday for a recheck. On Tuesday, I felt bad after eating lunch. Thought it might have been the food, but realized it wasn't improving with time.  That evening, my husband took me back to the hospital. The pain increased, and it was determined that I had a kidney infection. I was kept overnight and given treatment for that. In addition, I was given a Level 2 ultrasound, which indicated a problem with the baby.  On Wednesday morning, it appeared that the baby had grabbed it's own cord & they began preparing to deliver, however by the time the doctor arrived at the hospital, it seemed that baby had released the cord. My OB released me that morning with instructions to meet with the high-risk pregnancy specialist in a hospital 30 minutes away. We met him that afternoon. He drew some cord blood and told us that he suspected our baby had a trisomy and that we should come back on Monday to review the results & meet with a genetic specialist.  We went home & the next day (Thursday) I kept the appointment at my OB's office. He was delivering a baby, so the nurse checked me out. I was basically fine & taking meds for the kidney infection.  At about 5am Friday, I awoke in terrible pain but was trying to hold out until my Dr office opened. I had a seizure in my home. At this point I have no direct memory of the following events. Paramedics came and told my husband that they wouldn't "red light" me to the hospital, that he should drive me there. He did that and we happened to be in the elevator with my OB when I had my second seizure. My OB stayed with me until I was flown by helicopter to the hospital of the high-risk specialist I had seen earlier. That night, I had an emergency c-section. Right before the surgery they had told my husband that the test results showed that our child had an unbalanced chromosome translocation. He had to decide what level of treatment our son should receive as I was being wheeled into surgery. Our son Gregory was born at 11:58pm and passed away about 2 hours later. My next memory is being in recovery at some point later and a nurse asking me if I knew where I was. I spent another 5 days in the hospital. No family history of pregnancy complications, over 18 & under 30 years of age, two previous successful deliveries, I was not a prime candidate for preeclampsia. While I had read some about the risks, no attention was really devoted to this in my case. It points out that every expectant mother should be aware of this condition. Two years later we had anotheir successful pregnancy and healthy child, with no symptoms of preeclampsia. I can say my experience of preeclampsia did create emotional stress in this pregnancy that I didn't feel in my first two pregnancies.

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