I kicked death's butt!

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I kicked death's butt!

On June 6th, I got sent to the hospital while I was at my obgyn appointment doing my stress test. I was having contractions 3 minutes apart, my blood pressure was extremely high, but was only dilated to a one. While at the hospital they tested me for pre-eclampsia and that of course came back positive. They decided to break my water, to try and help get my baby boy here. After 4 days, (72 hours) of labor, they decided it would be best to do a c section, because I was only dilated to a 3.  June 9th, at 6:36am My precious baby boy was born, heatlhy weighing 7lbs 14oz. After his birth, I was still really swollen and blood pressure and heart rate was high. My doctor had to leave out of town, so he put another doctor on my case. June 11th, the fill in doctor sent me home, I was excited of course. By the 13th, I was realizng it was getting harder to breathe, but I thoguht it was nothing. I ignored it until the next day. It seemed to keep getting worse, My huband and my mother convinced me to go to the ER. When I arrived at the ER they took me back, checked my blood pressure and heart rate. Next thing I know she was wheeling me out in my bed to a different room. My husband, right behind me and my mother in the waiting room. They started giving me oxygen, ivs, and taking blood. They then, took me to get a Ct, and i freaked because they wanted me to hold my breath, which felt nearly impossible at this point. I seriously thought I was going to die. They wheeled me back to the room, where my husband and mother were anxiously waiting for answers. Gasping for air, I seen a mask coming toward my face and them closing the door, in my families face. Last thing, I seen was the horrifed look on my husbands face. Later, I woke up but couldn't open my eyes, only could here the voices of my family. They told me, that the hospital I was at had me sedated and intubated,and flown by helicoper to a different hospital and that I was in the icu. All I could worry about was my baby. At this point, I hadn't really taken it in. When I could finally open my eyes, the doctors came in to tell me that the pregnancy had strained my heart, the left side wasn't working right, I had congestive heart failure. They then told me I could not have anymore children, because there was a 50/50 chance I would have to have a heart transplant. All, I could think about was "I'm 20 years old, Why? I'm to young to for this." I was also told that if my husband didn't bring me when he did, I wouldn't be alive right now. i couldn't cry, I had tubes in my throat. Plus, i wanted to stay strong for my family, they were barely holding theirselves together. They done a test to make sure I could breathe on my own, so they could take the tubes out. I passed it, and was so ready. My throat was swollen, which made them worry that if they took it out, it would close up. That night they tried again, and still couldn't remove it. Laying awake with 3 tubes in my thorat, was miserable.Honestly, for a split second I didn't want to fight it anymore. I was so depressed. You know what then came to mind? How I couldn't imagine leaving my week old son without a mother, my huband losing a wife, my parents losing a child, my siblings losing a sister... The next day they were able to remove the tubes and of course within a few shorts days, I was able to go home. Today, I still see a heart doctor and on medication. Doctor says, he thinks that in time my heart will fully recover in time. Thank God, I kicked deaths butt!

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