Brooke Hotaling story about preeclampsia and hellp syndrome

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Brooke Hotaling story about preeclampsia and hellp syndrome

Hi my name is Brooke Hotaling, I'm 18, when I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks the doctors said that my blood work results were low and looked like I was going to miscarry so I then had to redo them and my numbers went up so they told me not to worry, at 8 weeks I was at a  football game in Syracuse, Ny. I then was on my way home to Auburn, Ny. When I thought I had to use the bathroom and thought I peed myself so we stopped at my befriends brotheds house in Liverpool, Ny, where I then went to the bathroom and noticed I was gushing blood so I immediately got scared and told my sons father in a text what was going on and that we had to go because I was embarrassed to say it out loud in front of his whole family, we then rushed home so I can call the obgyn hotline which I did when i reached home they called me back and told me to go to the we I then went to the we they did many test and told me everything was okay to go home and do a follow up with my obgyn so I did when I got to the obgyn the nurse then told me that the hospital told them I miscarried  we seen the baby on sonogram so we knew I didn't , then at about 20 weeks I was at work and fell and went unconscious and was taken to the hospital by ambulance and I was already in the ambulance at the hospital before I came conscious and they then did Many test to see why I happens and a lot of things were wrong my electrolites were a mess I was dehydrated and many other things then I  also had them both I started having signs at about 25 weeks, but the doctos kept telling me no it's not preeclampsia that it was my gallbladder and the pain is from what I was eating ! And they continued to say that for many doctors visits, even thoe I was severely swollen, & had high blood pressures , till one day I couldn't sleep and was in server pain thought i was dying mean while I knew something was wrong for weeks now and no one would listen to me , they thought I was looking for attention, and it was March 2 when I called the obgyn hotline and told them I was in server pain she then told me to wait till the office to open and go in to get checked, so when the office opened me and my mom went in they hoocked me up to the monitors and said nothing's wrong everything is okay meanwhile my blood pressure was 220 over something I can't think of at the moment , and she was still telling me it's my gall bladder and what I was eating now I am very furious and so was my mom so my mom requested to see the doctor he then came in and said no she has a very severe case of preeclampsia and has to go to auburn hospital till she can get stable, so I then walked to the hospital and they did a lot to me, they gave me a lot of morphine for pain, & they had to give me 5 shots of lobetalol before I even became stable to be transported, so now they had no choice but to transfer me to crouse hospital in Syracuse, I was there for 2 days in pain on morphine like crazy now it's March 5th early in the morning I woke up in pain and thought I was dying literally, the doctos came in and did many test , and I had one niece who was very rood, who I became fermions with and my mom left the room because I was being rood , after my mom left, the nurce made the comment now would it be funny if you stroked and died , so now I then told her to get the f out my face and she left the room now I'm all alone throwing up everywhere , and the doctor then come in with my mom right behind him and says I have to go into an emergency c section right away that things are turning for the worst thank god my boyfriend Reaquiel (son's father) walked in right after now it was time they took me into the operation room and gave me a spinal and I am now numb then  Reaquiel ended up coming in after he got his gown on , it was only a matter of minutes before my son Amari Kyng Overstreet made his appearance at 12:00 pm weighing 925 grams! They then took me to recovery were I though in a hour I would be able to see my son, so I'm waiting in the recovery room and my mom and reaquiel go to see Amari , they then come back to me and show me pictures and I began to cry I then became very depressed, the doctors said I couldn't see my son for 48 hours because of all the medication and morphine I was on they didn't think it was a good idea, after crying for the 2 whole days I finally got to meet my son, I didn't realize how tiny he was till I was able to hold him which I could only hold him for a few second because he couldn't hold his own temperature , i would go see my son as much as I can, it hurt me not being able to hold my son or to take him home with me couple days later I finally got discharged and I didn't want to go but thank god I lived a little less than a hour away, I was able to go see my son at least 2 times a day until he came home the day before Mother's Day which was May 7th, and now my son is 4 months old and 6 days , he weighs 8lbs and I am very blessed to have him here today! I don't know what I would do without him!  * below is the first picture I ever got to see of my son before I got to see him 48 hours after he arrived.

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