Hellp Syndrome Success Story

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Hellp Syndrome Success Story

I found out I was pregant for the 5th time and shortly thereafter I learned I was expecting twins. I was 35 years old and happy to learn of our new additions. However, in the third trimester I began to have swelling and blood work indicated low platelets. As the end week progressed I learned I had a condition known as HELLP syndrome. My platelets were low bordering severe levels and liver enzymes and various other tests were being carefully monitored. I was admitted to the hospital as my platelets continued to lessen. Constant blood work being drawn and it was a less than joyous occassion as I became extremely anxious and concerned. I prayed daily and that faith brought me through. I was released for Christmas Eve. But again learned I had to go back in on Christmas Eve for more blood work. In the most blessed day for me New Years Eve my water broke and I delivered my beautiful Daughter naturally and then her twin brother was born 20 minutes later by emergency C Section. I felt very helpless during this time, but prayers were joyfully answered and my twins are now 21 years old and I have six children and 7 grandchildren so far and although it was an ordeal, time heals all wounds and keeping your anxiety to a minimum is essential in getting past those times.  Life is Good. You will be fine. God Bless!

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