Experiencing Preeclampsia without a clue

Post On Monday, September 12, 2016 By Cassandra

Experiencing Preeclampsia without a clue

My journey with Preeclampsia started unknowingly at just 21 weeks pregnant. A usual person's New Year starts with excitement and fun while mine started with me waking up with hands so swollen I couldn't even bend my fingers and they hurt so bad. I was hot and grumpy and I really just thought it was pregnancy, but then I checked my blood pressure and it was 144/93 and I thought that was a little high compared to normal. I mentioned it to my mom, but we both just brushed it off. Every day from that point I woke up in the morning crying with swollen hands and I would spend my days sitting around with the windows open in the middle of winter because I was so hot and miserable. I had a normal check-up at the doctor on the 12th of January, at 23 weeks pregnant, and my blood pressure was 168/103. I was mind blown seeing my blood pressure that high, so was the nursing assistant. She took it again and again and it didn't go down. The Doctor came in and explained that I needed blood work because I may have preeclampsia and sent me to the hospital. I had no idea what preeclampsia was and even after a quick google search, just assumed that meant I had high blood pressure. I waited for the results, still unknowing how dangerous my situation was when before I knew it the Doctor came in and explained that I had preeclampsia and I would be ambulanced to a hospital two hours away from home so they could do a 24 hour urine sample and monitor me for JUST 2 day. I was scared and so many things happened at once, I was hooked to an IV, overdosed on meds to the point I almost lost contiousness, and hooked to a catheter. It snowed the whole ride up and really, I didn't know what to think... I thought, me, this can't be happening to me! But surely it was, looking back, a scary thing. At the moment there was just such a rush I really thought everyone was overexagerating. I got to the hospital and more blood work happened and the two days passed quickly, but I still wasn't going home. The Doctors explained they would just like to monitor me for 2 MORE WEEKS. I dealt with it. It was boring, it was lonely, but I saw an end in sight.. But it didn't come for weeks. Finally 4 weeks into my hospital stay I was discharged by the new Doctor of the week. The only rule was to take my blood pressure every four hours. So on the way to my house, my mom stopped at her house to pick me up her blood pressure cuff from the house and while showing me how to do it my blood pressure was high. We waited and took it again and again over an hour and it wouldn't go down so I called the Doctor. She told me she thought my blood pressure cuff was wrong and just to hold out until my next appointmen.t That all would have been fine with me until I got a second opinion and my blood pressure was 215/193. I really couldn't believe I was alive at that point. So my mom rushed me to the hospitals ER and I was admitted right away. I almost gave birth that next morning, but instead my body was able to hold out for two more weeks until I gave birth to my IUGR son via emergency c-section. I still have to use blood pressure medicine and suffer from other health issues due to Preeclampsia. My only wish for other women is to be INFORMED on Preeclampsia. I wasn't and it ended up being the scariest thing to happen to me and almost took my life. 

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