We made it!! HELLP & preeclampsia

Post On Tuesday, October 04, 2016 By Jaydelyn

We made it!! HELLP & preeclampsia

I found out I was pregnant at the age of 23, I was healthy for the most part never really had any health issues but thyroid, which my doctor often monitored closely. I had no problems throughout my entire pregnancy not even a negative test! At 36 weeks I begin to have extreme pains in my stomach that I thought were contractions, our first visit to the hospital they had sent me home stating my contractions weren't stable enough and I wasn't dilated to 3-4 Cm. The Pain had gone away until 2 days later where I found myself back at the hospital this time they gave me morphine and stated contractions once again weren't stable enough. At this point I was co uncomfortable and in so much pain I couldn't walk, sleep, sit or eat. The next day we went to visit my parents who lived in a different city, after being up all night not being able to sleep and in pain my mom said enough was enough she was taking me to the hospital. We arrived at 4 pm they checked me immediately and advised I was 4 cm dilated it was go time! i was so relieved after all the times I was told to go home. My iV was instantly put in and I was off to the birthing room after they ran blood tests to make sure I was okay to have an epidural they started to panic my blood work was coming back abnormal, after more blood tests the doctor had advised me I wasn't able to have an epdidural due to my blood work they advised me I was showing signs of HELLP syndrome and preeclampsia; my blood platelets were too low, my liver enzymes we're failing and my blood pressure was hitting over 200/120. at this point I was at risk for seizuring during labour which would put my baby girl into distress. At this time I was completely out of it due to my symptoms and pain my mom was left to make my decisions. The doctors were leaning to emergency c section as the fear of me seizuring was increasing, but my mom was terrified at the risks of c section due to preeclampsia and HELLP I was limited to numbing drugs as a needle in my back was a high risk of spinal damage and putting me completely under was high risk of all IV fluids coming back up into my lungs and causing distress on me and my baby girl which could cause death. Knowing these were my moms options were absolutely heart breaking, thankfully when the doctor checked me next I was already 10 cm dilated, I couldn't wait I needed to push immediately the doctor allowed me to and my baby girl was born 20 minutes later at 8:48 pm. She was welcomed to a team of 7 doctors and nurses who were specialized in complicated deliveries. She was 7lbs 10 oz at 36 weeks and completely healthy. As for me I spent a week in the hospital getting my blood taken every 6 hours and my blood pressure every 2-4 hours. After 4 days in the hospital everything seemed to be going fine until early in the morning my blood pressure hit 189/97 the nurse panicked and I instantly had 2 doctors in my room assessing me, after 2 needles and 3 changes of medications my blood pressure finally started to drop. It took 3 more days for my blood pressure, liver enzymes, and blood platelets to starts and return to normal, I then was finally able to leave the hospital where I resumed my blood prsssure medication for 3 weeks. I am beyond thankful for the staff at the hospital who recognized my symptoms and signs as I could have ended up in a life-threatening situation. 

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