postpartum eclampsia, gallbladder, PRES syndrome all in one...

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postpartum eclampsia, gallbladder, PRES syndrome all in one...

Well my story would begin three days before my daughter was born. I was having horrific upper abdominal pain that would wrap around to my upper back right in between my shoulder blades, along with a tightening feeling in my chest that felt like heart burn only 50 times worse and wouldn't go away... In the early morning of day three (July 14, 2016) I had all I could take and went in the ER. They ran a bunch of tests then and once they did an ultrasound they found I had an enlarged gallbladder and gallstones. Well I guess with all the stress and pain I was in, it threw me in labor. I had my daughter about 4:30 pm. A couple days later we were home again. I was still in a lot of pain but we had a plan now, once I healed we would go in and remove my gallbladder and I was also planning on having a tubal so we were having that done at the same time. So I just had to make it to six weeks. Two days later I called my OB because I was going through so many pain meds because of how much pain I was in.. All he could tell me was to keep up on the meds and just wait it out.. On day nine I had enough and wanted a second opinion, so I went to another hospital where they took my blood, did my blood pressure and another ultrasound. There they found that in a weeks time the levels in my blood were all elevated 10x then what they were, my platelet count was very low, my blood pressure was 135/85 and the ultrasound showed a 3mm stone blocking my common bile duct.. as I was laying on the table for the ultrasound I got this massive headache out of the blue, it was unlike any headache I had ever had before.. Once they were all done I was transported by ambulance to another hospital because of the gallbladder issues.. I was going to have to have an ERCP done (this was now July 24) there was no medicine that was making this headache that I had now had for nearly 24 hours go away... A few hours before the nurses came in to take me back for the procedure my vision started to become blurry around the edges, and I began to just not feel right. I even told my husband that I felt like something was just wrong and he was trying to comfort me but I was still scared. When they came to take me I could hardly walk on my own, I was extremely dizzy and nauseous. My husband stayed behind in the room I was staying in as we had our newborn with us, so at that point I felt more alone and scared then ever... When they got me to my waiting room before the procedure they asked a few questions and did a couple other things and then left me by myself. As I was laying on my bed I remember looking around my room and being so confused because the room looked like it had complely flipped, where the door had been was on the other side of the room along with everything else. So once I called a nurse in there I was trying to explain that to her and I'm not quite sure if any of what I said made any sence to her at all.. Somewhere in the middle of me talking I had passed out and when I came out of it there was 10 doctors and nurses hovered over me. They said at the time they weren't sure if I had a stroke or seizure but I was out for a couple minutes and I wasn't convulsing. The next two days I don't remember much as I was in and out of conciseness, but I do know they ran many tests and found I had suffered from postpartum eclampsia which is what caused my blood pressure to spike to 158/85 and they diagnosed me with PRES (posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome) they put me on anti seizure meds and the first ones didn't agree with my body so unfortunately the ones they had to switch to made it to where I had to quit nursing my newborn.. Those are emotions I am still trying to work through... Once they got my blood pressure under control they were able to go in and do the ERCP. Once I came out of that one I found out that I was going to have to have a second one done l, but this time to blast the large stone because it was too large to get the other way. I wish more than anything that more women have more knowledge on the signs of postpartum preepreeclampsia. Then maybe I wouldn't have had to stop nursing my newborn, or spend my daughters 6th birthday laying in a hospital bed, or to this day wonder how I could have not known something was wrong and just spoken up sooner.. I mean I was in a hospital for crying out loud!! All the guilt, anxiety, anger, sadness and time that I can't get back or change still has this hole burning in my stomach that no one will understand. But if I can help by raising awareness to just one person, the that's one person's life that could be saved from feeling this way. 

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