I survived Eclampsia

Post On Wednesday, February 15, 2017 By Kersita Maschmeier

I survived Eclampsia

My Story began on May 5th when I discovered I was pregnant with my first child. I have never been pregnant prior to this and I was incredibly excited. I rushed into my husbands and mine's bedroom waking him up from bouncing on the bed and showing him the two lines on the pregnancy test. It was my happiest moment in my life so far. 

My pregnancy progressed pretty normally; they were concerned about me becoming a diabetic due to family history so they were keeping a close eye on my blood sugar levels. It never became a problem. 

Then at the end of September my legs started to swell, I mentioned it to my midwife and she wasn't too concerned since the swelling wasn't too bad. 

In my 27th week, on October first I woke up with the rim of my tongue purple, I mentioned it to my husband and he was curious and a little concerned, we had agreed that we should call the doctors and see if it was an issue after we got up. I cuddled up to him, resting my head on his shoulder and promptly fell back asleep. 

The next I don't have any memory of and all information was told to me by my husband.

Shortly after I fell back asleep, I began to have a seizure. I was not breathing, there was blood coming out of my mouth, (later we learned it was because I bite my tongue). My husband called 911 and an ambulance and firefighters came and carried me out of the house and I was rushed to the local ER. I arrived in life threatening conditions. The ER performed an ultrasound and discovered that there was no heartbeat for my baby girl. 

I was in and out of continuous and I vaguely remember my husband telling me that there was no heartbeat for our baby and that I will need to be induced. Once they were able to stabilize me, they began to give me the drugs to induce labor. 

I remember feeling drunk and very out of it from the drugs they were giving me to bring my blood pressure down. On October 2nd, I gave birth to my little girl who had already passed. I held her for as long as I could. 

After the birth of my late daughter I remained in the hospital for an additional 8 days. I was in the hospital for a total of 10 days. 

It is now February and I am still undergoing tests and talking with my doctor. My husband and I are planning on trying again for a baby as soon as we get the green light from the drs. 

For my next pregnancy my doctor will be monitor me a lot closer and more frequently. I'll have to take some medication that will help prevent the blood pressure spikes and hopefully stop me from developing eclampsia.

The scariest thing for me is that there was no warning. The only warning I really had was that the night before I was feeling really uncomfortable. Thankfully the next time I am pregnant I will know more about what to look for and I'll be testing my blood pressure every day to prevent the spikes. 

This is something I hope no one has to go through, it is a very scary disease and I almost died because of it. If it wasn't for my husband and the emergency responders I would have died. I am forever grateful for being here today and still being able to have more children. 

If you are facing pre-eclampisa, please know that you are not a lone and please listen to your body. I wish I did. 

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