Can Lightening Strike Twice?

Post On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 By Erica

Can Lightening Strike Twice?

I have read over the years that Preeclampsia is something that effects first time moms, mothers of multiples, women with weight issues, and only during the last weeks of pregnancy. No one ever told me that yearly 600 women are effected by postpartum preeclampsia. How is that a mom, on her tenth delivery, no weight, or health issues gets postpartum preeclampsia? I don't understand it.

On March 4, 2017 my husband and I checked in to labor and delivery. We were scheduled for an induction. 40 weeks and 2 days overdue, we were eager to meet our new princess. Being that this was my tenth delivery I was nervous about postpartum hemorrhage. At 10am I was three centimeters dilated, high, and soft. The nurse informed me that she was going to insert a tiny pill in the back of my cervix to see if we could get the cervix soft. At 2:25pm my water broke and I was six centimeters. Thirty minutes later at 2:55pm after two pushes our daughter Rayne Justice was born. A beautiful 7lbs 4oz 22inches bundle of love.

I was so happy to have her here, finding out her cord wasn't a one vessel cord as an ultrasound showed, and that we bypassed the hemorrahage this go round unlike in pregnancy nine. I was excited to see what our other children would be like with her. So excited we'd be home soon, ready to transition our new little one with the team. A few hours later my blood pressures were so high. We assumed it was the methergine, it causes the pressures to increase. My doctor ordered blood work and an urine sample jut to be safe. Sure enough despite me being average weight, so far removed from a first timer, no swelling, or headache I had postpartum preeclampsia.

Googling while the nurses got the magnesium sulfate, I read over and over again how delivery clears it up. However my daughter was born already. Turns out in rare cases preeclampsia is developed 48-72 hours after delivery. Magnesium sulfate would get it out. 24 hours under mag I was out of it, hot like fire, and my mouth was dry as the desert. (even after drinking jugs of cold water)

Finally we were out from under mag and ready to go home. During the entire time I would quote scriptures and pray. Grateful not to have had seizures, my daughter being healthy, and that I was alive. Scriptures like Romans 8:18 and John 16:21. My doctor requested I come see her in three days for a bp check because some women have pressure issues up to 6 weeks after delivery.

Thursday the 9th I went in for my visit extremely overwhelmed. I wanted this over with wanted full life back. Something told me I'd need antihypertension meds but I never thought I'd be headed back to the hospital. Sure enough my pressure was high 175/98. My doctor sent me back to labor and delivery for test. I began to have a panic attack. How could lightening strike me twice? I had a new baby, 9 children at home, and a husband who has double shifts at his hospital on the other side of town. The test showed protein was back and my uric acid was higher than when I was discharged.

I was going back under magnesium sulfate for another 24 hours. After being informed that my husband had switched shifts with a coworker, the baby could come to the hospital with us because I was breastfeeding, my niece was coming to the house, and a xanax I finally calmed down enough to begin praying again. While under the mag I was seeing lightening bolts and my fingers were twitching. Reading other's stories I have found that happens prior to seizure. So it's safe to say my doctor saved my life.


 Two days later I was discharged again this time on a low dose beta blocker and weekly monitoring to ensure my bp doesn't spike or go too low. My doctor informed me that once again these hormones will be around for 6-8 weeks and to relax, many women face this. So I repeat Romans 8:28 daily and I've signed up for the Preeclampsia walk in May. Hoping to bring awareness to something I assumed was a first time mom thing. Something light like just swelling up at the end of pregnancy.

 No one tells you that anxiety will take over you after preeclampsia. No one tells you that you'll suffer from memory loss. Some days I can remember seeing lightening bolts and circles while under the mag. I now remember biting my tongue while sleeping. I wonder if I did in fact have a seizure. Checking my pressure daily, being on meds,  when pre pregnancy, I was a healthy mom extremely active with normal bp, makes me feel like a hamster. On the wheel trying to find my way around back to the normal me. Breaking out crying because I got sick when superwoman isn't suppose to get sick. To add a cherry to my sundae my anxiety is so bad that I've developed "white coat syndrome" As soon as I enter my doctor's office my pressure goes up and I'm shaking. I pray that as long as I hope in the Lord he'll renew my strength. Daily I walk around praying for healing of my mind. To those of you effected by this I pray that soon you're back to normal. We're on this rollercoaster together. 


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