Would have made peace with the infertility!

Post On Sunday, April 16, 2017 By Anna

Would have made peace with the infertility!

I had been shocked to find out that many, if not most women attempted to get pregnant again after nearly dying. Personally, I don't dare to tempt my fate having been close to death. As a result of my reproductive attempt, I'm on permanent disability with the brain damage and unstable, hard to control hypertension. (I must take 4 medications just to keep it relatively at bay..) Plus many other daily medications. I guess I am lucky to be alive and coherent to write about my experience. My daughter is 11 now, but my health has not improved since the day she was born. I have PCOS which without a doubt aggravating state for Preeclampsia. As a symptom of PCOS I had infertility. Several people asked me after delivery, "Wasn't all that worth it?" To be left permanently disabled with the brain damage? Hell, no! In fact, if I knew the outcome of this ahead of time, I would've gone through the grief therapy to make peace with the infertility!

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