Another HELLP story

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Another HELLP story

To start things off, I got pregnant at 23 and was terrified. From the very beginning I had a rough time. Before being pregnant, I had zero health issues. Starting around week 20, I was around 70% effaced but my cervix seemed to be stable. I ended up being on bedrest for months with a home health nurse coming by once a week to administer progesterone shots. I also saw the doctor weekly from week 20 to birth. 

At the time, much like all of the other stories, I didnt realize the symptoms I was having were actually serious. The first thing I can remember that sticks out, is having pain under my right rib cage. It seemed to come after I would eat. It would be very painful, but would come and go. I had mentioned it to my doctor, who had never really said much about it. As the pregnancy goes on, that pain was still there. I guess I was around 30 weeks when I was having excrutiating pain after I ate. I ended up at my doctors office crying because I was so sick. He admitted me to the hospital for a GI cocktail. When that didnt work, he sent me to the GI lab to have an endoscopy done. The results of that were just "esophageal irritation". Well, the pain never stopped. The entire pregnancy I remember being extremely tired. I could barely do anything without wanting to pass out. My doctor chalked it down to having low iron. I remember thinking, there is no way low iron is making me feel this bad. 

This brings me to week 34 of my pregnancy. THE ITCHING. That is the last pregnancy symptom I remember. I was not sleeping at night, because my legs/feet/arms would itch so badly. I scratched until they bled, and then scratched some more. At my previous appointment, I had mentioned the itching, and my doctor drew blood. I ended up texting him the night that I was 35 weeks and 4 days, that I could not take the itching any more, and asked if anything came back on my blood work. This was at 5am. He texted me back at 5:30 and said "go to the hospital. I'll meet you there". Once I got there, he told me that my liver enzymes were high. They redrew blood, and tests came back even higher. He came back in and said that we were starting induction that day. My son entered the world the very next day. I never had the typical elevated blood pressure, or protein. I did have low blood platelets. I KNEW the entire time that something was not normal with this. I'm so glad I pushed the doctor with all of my symptoms.

Fast forward 2 years, I now have a thriving, healthy, almost two year old and I am pregnant with another boy. I am 18 weeks along with this one. I already see the signs that I will get HELLP again, with pain under my right rib cage and constant headaches. This time, my doctor knows to be on the look out.

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