Fear of a 2nd Pregnancy Lead me to Adoption

Post On Monday, July 10, 2017 By Holly

Fear of a 2nd Pregnancy Lead me to Adoption

I got pregnant pretty easily in April 2008 and was due January 14, 2009.  Although I had a little morning/all day sickness, most of the time it wasn't terrible and things went along as planned.  I'd gone to a "high risk specialist," not because I was high risk, but because he was recommended to me.  Everything went along smoothly until around November.

I went to the doctor in early November and had gained 13lbs in two weeks.  My BP had been elevated, but I had no other symptoms of pre-e.  The doctor sent me home for weekend bed-rest and I was to come back to the doctor on Monday.  I lost 7lbs that weekend and was immediately put on full bed rest.  I had to beg to go to my baby showers that were scheduled for the next few weeks.

Within a couple of weeks, I started hurting in my abdomen.  I thought it was severe indigestion at first, but began worrying about my gallbladder.  I finally called the doctor, who suggested an ultrasound.  In the mean time, I kept getting worse and worse.  I hadn't thrown up once during morning sickness, but began throwing up from the pain.  I hurt in my back so badly, the only relief I could get was someone beating on my back, which I later found out was one of the worst things they could do.

I went to the doctor for my twice-a-week checkup on December 4th.  While prepping for my NST, the nurse came in to see if I was swelling - they'd obviously found something in my urine check this time.  When the NP checked me, I was dialited to 3 and was 30% effaced so they sent me straight to the hospital.

Once I got the hospital and they started running labwork on me, they quickly discovered that the pains I had been having were related to my liver.  My body was in such bad shape that they told me I couldn't have a spinal or an epidural and would likely end up having to have a blood transfusion.  (In hindsight, although I don't remember them telling me this, I fully believe I had HELLP syndrome).  Doctors were preparing my husband and parents for the fact that I might end up in ICU on a ventilator after my c-section.

At 11:03pm on December 4 at 34 weeks, 1 day, my son, Dakota was born.  He was 4lb 6oz and pretty healthy other than his size.  He ended up staying in the NICU for just over a week.  On Friday, December 12, we were able to bring him home.

I ended up having to have platelets but other than that, was ok.  It was extremely emotional to think how easily I could've died during that process.  I was at the best hospital in our area for labor and delivery and was told by a 15-year nurse that I was one of the 5 worst cases she'd ever seen.  They told me if I'd waited one more day, I'd have been having seizures.

Although I ended up being OK, I was terrified to have another child.  It's been 8.5 years ago, and it's still scary.  We have since adopted a baby who is now 2.  I was asked over the weekend if I was going to "have" another child and I was very quick with "no." My previous experience was too dangerous and I do not want to experience that again.

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