Trust Your Instincts

Post On Tuesday, December 26, 2017 By Amber

Trust Your Instincts

It all began around 31 weeks...

I couldn't move, I had pains that I (still to this day) cannot describe.  I told my husband on numerous occasions that, "I think I'm dying."  It just had to be how you feel when you're pregnant and 31 weeks, right??  

Fast forward 4 weeks (and after at least 3 separate trips to my OBGYN because of pain), when I finally called and said "I have to come in today!"  The receptionist called my bluff and said, "You were here on Monday and the doctor said you are fine.  Why don't you go home and relax and see how you feel later today?"  My reply, "I don't care who I see, I'll come see you, but I will come in today!"  She told me to come in at noon to see the NP. 

At noon, the NP said she thought I was just really small and just IMG 0464needed some PT to make me feel comfortable for the next 5 weeks.  At this point, I would do anything to relieve the pain I was in.  However, as we were leaving the appointent, she asked me to get undressed again because she just didn't feel comfortable, based on the way I looked.  As a "precaution" she asked me to go to triage for a stress test.  So around 1:00, we walked into triage, got settled in our room, and my husband went down to eat lunch.  Within 3-4 minutes, I had 4 nurses and doctors rush into my room and tell me that my baby "has to be out in 15 minutes!"  After some time trying to get my husband on the phone, he made it just in time for our first child's birth.  He was born at 1:41 p.m. at 3 lb. 10 oz. 

Rewind about 10 minutes, to when the on-call doctor asked us (during an emergency c-section), if I had preeclampsia.  She was also the doctor I saw on Monday who told me I was fine.  As you would suspect, my husband yells, "how dare you ask us that!"  At that moment, I hear some whispers while 5 new doctors come flying through the door.  I knew this was more than anyone had originally suspected.  As it turns out, I actually had HELLP.  The entire delivery was wrong and very dangerous.  When you have HELLP, you don't have enough platelets, so you should never have a spinal.   Doctors and nurses were very nervous that they were going to lose me.  As I laid there, surrounded by more than 30 medical personnel, I watched my blood pressure skyrocket, and wasn't sure I would ever meet my beautiful son.  For 36 hours, my husband sent me videos and photos from the NICU, until I was able to finally meet him.    

image4He was also holding on with every ounce of his being.  Doctors said that there is a chance that neither of us would have made it, had we not come in when we did.  To this day, we are not sure how this deadly "disease" went undiagnosed, but every year, on his birthday, we think of our NP who saved our lives. Of course, there is more to the story, and I will spare you the details, but the message is to always trust your instincts.  

Today, we have a healthy 4.5 year old, active, brilliant, empathetic, big brother.  His younger brother was born at 39 weeks at 8 lbs.  


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