My Preeclampsia Nightmare

Post On Sunday, January 14, 2018 By Morven

My Preeclampsia Nightmare

Geez, where do I begin!? Well I fell pregnant very young. Pregnancy seemed fine with just the usual bloating towards the end, mainly feet. Labour was long and difficult as I was induced & didn’t have any breaks between contactions. Ouch! Anyway I gave in & had a epidural. After 18+ hours I gave birth to a very healthy 6lb 10oz boy, who’s now 12. Anyways, about an hour after birth I had a severe headache and remember lots of machines beeping & then woke up in the high dependency unit. I was so young I didn’t really know what happened and don’t recall anything the doctors said once I woke.  

Years later with my recently new husband, different partner, we decided to find out more before trying for a baby. This was a complete waste of time as they had one tiny sentence on a page that said headache. The doctor said there is nothing to suggest anything serious went on and as I have a different partner it’s not likely to happen again, that’s if anything did happen, she didn’t know. 

I had convinced myself I suffered from Eclampsia because I was so poorly off. I really wanted to hear what had gone on and why. So, we came away upset about previous medical info but positive it wasnt as bad as I remembered and reassured it’s extremely unlikely that it would happen again. 

I fell pregnant & it was a very unpleasant pregnancy from the beginning. Bad sickness throughout and polyhedromis, scan showed issues with baby growth and it was hospital appointments & scans constantly.

I had a planned induction due to the risk of the placenta delivering before the baby, due to excess fluid. Again, I was extremely sensitive to the induction gel and had no breaks between contractions. Ouch! Anyway from the time of gel being applied baby Sonny was born only 3 hours later. I refused all pain relief as I really wanted to feel it all and be in control of my body. Sonny was a healthy, 6lb4oz with no issues from the polyhydromnious. Phew.

He was feeding well and we were off home in no time at all. Once home i couldnt sleep, I felt constantly thirsty and I was so swollen everywhere. 

4 days after birth I had a terrible migrain, I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t see and began seizing. I was rushed in to hospital where my blood pressure was around 250/180. They did several tests and got me on medication. 

My kidneys were affected & my vision too. I was in hospital for over 2 weeks and its been a long recovery. 




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