Not the Text-Book Case

Post On Monday, February 05, 2018 By Savannah

Not the Text-Book Case

After complications coming one after another during my pregnancy with my first child, what happened at 32 weeks still has me shocked. Before becoming pregnant I had extremely low blood pressure typically running 80’s/50’s and was on medication to raise my blood pressure.

At 32 weeks I began having severe headaches and vision issues, so I decided to go in to see my OBGYN. My blood pressure was taken and it was 134/81 (which is higher than normal, but not usual preeclampsia high.) The doctor kept reassuring me things were okay, but I just felt that something was off.

At 37 weeks they finally decided to do blood work and urinalysis and come to find out my liver enzymes were very elevated which meant my liver was in beginning stages of failing along with excessive amounts of protein in my urine. I was induced that night and my blood pressure began to skyrocket getting up to 178/103 (I thought was just due to nerves, because no one at this point told me I had preeclampsia.)

The next afternoon I had my son but my blood pressure still began to rise. They monitored it for another 24 hours and then decided to put me on blood pressure medication. Headaches began to worsen, I was dizzy, having abdominal pain and I would swell up after being on my feet for more than 2 minutes. I was confused. I figured having my son would solve this.

The next morning (3 days after having my son I was sent home, even though my blood pressure were still dangerous.) Later that night I ended up in the ER and back in labor & delivery with a blood pressure of 207/158. I was terrified that what happened next would not be good. At this point they were pumping magnesium and blood pressure medications in my veins and all I remember was every 30 seconds the nurse calling my doctor to say the medication did not get my blood pressure inside of their “parameters” of what was safe. It was a constant battle for the next 4 days until I was sent home to take 1400 mg of blood pressure medication a day until finally at 8 weeks postpartum I finally began to level out.

Doctors now know looking back that with how low my blood pressures are usually, that I was showing signs of preeclampsia way before my blood pressure got to the standard 140/90 blood pressure. Many doctors and nurses have told me that I’m so lucky I had the outcome that I did, and that I wasn’t the every day case; this is why I think it is so important to know your own body and self advocate for yourself whenever you know something isn’t right even if you don’t fit the classic text book symptoms and signs.

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