My Pre-E Hell!

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My Pre-E Hell!

My pregnancy was perfection. I started training for a bikini competition prior to conception so I was in amazing shape, drinking a ton of water and eating clean along with 5 days per week workouts. I felt amazing until I got a severe headache one day. When it did not subside I asked some friends who instructed me to take my blood pressure. Sure enough it was high- 152/90. 

I went to my 35 week appointment the next day. It was elevated so I was sent to L&D Triage. It leveled out, they sent me home. This happened again at my 36 week appointment. At the 37 week appointment I was advised I should be induced. 

That Monday before I delivered I started having regular contractions 3-4 min apart and had high blood pressure so I was admitted. At only 1 cm dilated they inserted a balloon to expand my cervix without meds. They blow it up then every hour come and pull on it and re-tape it to your inner thigh. It's very uncomfortable. If I were to describe it, it felt like a never-ending cervical check. When it was ready to come out (the doc knew this because when she checked it was out of the cervix just sitting in my vagina) she had to yank it because it was stuck! I screamed. I was at 5 cm. 

IMAG25301Unfortunately, since I started magnesium sulfate for the blood pressure my contractions weakened in intensity and slowed. This drug acts somewhat as a muscle relaxer which I did not know until much later.  

My son's heart rate was dropping with my contractions so I had an epidural which did not work. My water broke and then seemed to break 3 more times. I was sitting in huge puddles of water. My baby had his first bowel movement so meconium was in it. I had an intrauterine monitor inserted so they could put more fluid in and have a more accurate reading of the contractions. I had never heard of this.

Since I was in excruciating pain, I had yet another epidural. It was difficult because I had pressure in my behind from contractions and the baby dropping, plus had a monitor and catheter that I could feel and had to sit on! On top of all that, I had to be still again but this time through contractions. That epidural failed as well.

By this time I needed oxygen and they put sleeves on my legs to prevent blood clots. 

Another doctor checked me. She said I was only at 3 cm. The other doctor must have measured inaccurately. I was angry and disappointed. I had been in pain for 2 days. She said my baby's head or shoulders were in the left part of my uterus. My pelvis is more heart shaped as opposed to bowl shaped so he may be having trouble.

I was so tired and over it. 

IMG 0114I had my C-section and Edison was healthy with the exception of a fever. He was 7lbs 10oz at 38 weeks 5 days. 21.5 in long. He is perfection!

I ended up with pre-eclampsia, fever and Chorioamniocentesis which is an infection from bacteria entering the uterus via the vagina. Endless cervical checks, meconium in the water, waters broken for too long contributed to my issues. 

My doctor told me the next day that the pre-eclampsia caused my Creatinine levels to go up which was affecting my kidneys. Normal is below 1.0 and I was 1.8. If they did not come down or kept rising I may need an ultrasound, biopsy of kidney dialysis. This was terrifying! I'm thankful to God they came down without further complication. 

I weighed about 185 with all the fluid, antibiotics, magnesium, etc.  My pre-pregnancy weight was 127 lbs. I could barely use my legs they were so heavy! I was released on that Saturday and Edison on Sunday!  

I am so happy to have survived this terrible condition. Since coming forward with my story, I hope to educate women that although pregnancy can be beautiful, there can be some dark, scary moments that we tend to conceal so not to scare anyone. I am a preeclampsia survivor and know a part of my mission is to advocate for this. My experience prompted me to start a Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in my home town of Los Angeles. I know there is a lot of work to be done, and I am excited to do my part!

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