I Can't Get Over My Preeclampsia Birth.

Post On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 By Destiny

I Can't Get Over My Preeclampsia Birth.

It was my first pregnancy. Everything was going good. I went in to my routine appointments everything was fine except I was having bad headaches a lot and rapid weight gain from the beginning. My BP was never high so no test were done until my 38 week checkup when I told him about seeing little spots moving occasionally and that day my bp happened to be borderline high. So we did the urine sample which led to the24 hour urine sample.

After 3 days time, I got a call asking to come into the office immediately. My doctor informed me I had preeclampsia and suggested stripping my membranes then off to be induced. Before leaving the office my bp was only about 146/93 within 30 minutes it was 188/120. They immediately pushed magnesium and I felt like I was burning alive. They turned the a.c. on as cold as it could go (this was in February) everyone was wearing jackets and my fiance had a blanket and I was asking for a fresh wet rag every20 seconds and it was literally like being in the middle of a fire for an hour. Finally after they switched it to a drip and my bp had lowered they started pitocin.

10 hours later I was ready for the epidural at 6 and 3 quarters dilated they said I had to wait another hour for more fluids to be pushed. What I didn't know was what was going to happen next. When it finally came time for it, due to having back problems it took the anesthesiologist 4 attempts to get it in. He finally succeeded and I told him my ears were ringing and he replied "good that means its working."

The next thing I remember was seeing my fiance for a split second looking like a ghost just starring at the foot of my bed and I thought, "this is it I'm going to die." Then after a few more moments of darkness I woke up trying to pry an oxygen mask off my face that the nurse was holding on. I needed to puke but she kept saying your baby needs oxygen. I didn't know what happened but I was scared and there were 15 nurses around me. After another 4 hours or so I delivered my beautiful son.

My fiance told me every detail that happened in the moment I was out. I had a bad reaction to the epidural and my blood pressure dropped from 163/100 to 68/42 and I went unconscious. When Jacob noticed I didn't say anything or move after being layed back down he told the nurse in the room and the anesthesiologist started preparing. They pushed addrenalin to slow my heart rate and raise my bp as they prepared an emergency c section and crash cart and told my fiance that I was going to die. They told him I had 2 minutes or he was taking the baby and that's all they could do. Thankfully after a minute and a half I came to. I was never so scared in my life. I have never been so close to death before.

Now, I want another baby but we are both to scared to even try. My OB whom is a specialist recommends against it. I feel like my body betrayed me. And I can never forget the feelings I felt that day.

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