My Postpartum Preeclampsia Story

Post On Tuesday, May 01, 2018 By Aisha Arnold

My Postpartum Preeclampsia Story

I had my second son January 30th 2018 by a planned c-section at 37 weeks gestation. My c section was planned 3 weeks early to prevent uterine rupture. I had a previous surgery called a myomectomy, which is to remove a large uterine fibroid by making incisions on the uterus. I was told I needed to have c sections every pregnancy 3-4 weeks early to prevent rupture.

I also had a previous c section January 3rd 2017 with my first son. My second pregnancy I had no issue with my blood pressure at all. Not even after my delivery. I stayed in hospital for 4 days, and I thought everything was great. I was home for about a week and remember getting really cold one night, so cold my body would not stop shaking.

It eventually went away so I continued taking care of my newborn. I also remember getting a really bad headache. I thought it was from lack of sleep after having a newborn. It eventually went away as well.

At my 2-week check up with my OB, I felt perfectly fine. The nurse checked my blood pressure. The top number was in the 160’s. The nurse checked 2 more times and it kept getting higher. I was sent to labor and delivery for further evaluation. My blood pressure was checked every 15 minutes for about 4 hours. The top number spiked up to the 180’s and I ended up getting readmitted in the hospital. I was treated with magnesium for 24 hours and with blood pressure medication. The crazy part was my blood work came back normal and I had no swelling. I just had the hypertension.

I was released two days later and prescribed blood pressure medication. I also purchased a cuff to check my blood pressure at home. I was taking the meds on and off for about two months because the meds started making my pressure too low so I was told to stop but had to end up taking them again because my pressure was beginning to go up again.

I went to see a cardiologist because I wanted more test done to make sure I wasn’t having heart failure from my pregnancy. All my test came back normal and I’m currently off my medication. I have also changed my diet drastically because I don’t want to be on any medication. My pressure has been fine so far. I’m still pretty nervous, but I will stay positive.

I’m glad I’m alive though it was a tough time in my life. I’m glad it happened after delivery and not during my pregnancy. My son was healthy and still is. I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way. Thanks for letting me share my story.

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