HELLP and Pre-E x 2

Post On Wednesday, May 09, 2018 By Leslie Vaughn

HELLP and Pre-E x 2

April 29th, I went in for a normal OB appointment.

My nurse noticed my blood pressure was high, 177/97. So she had me sit down and went to get my doctors.

They came in and had my lie down and relax as they had a normal conversation with me. After about 10 minutes they rechecked it and looked at my urine sample. The constant protein in my urine was higher than it usually was and my BP had gone up a little more 180/98. 
So they sent me to the hospital.

They began taking labs asking for urine, and putting the fetal monitors on. A nurse came in to test the urine sample and came back in the room asking why my doctors said nothing about how dark my urine was...(like tea). The doctors came in and informed me they were admitting me for pre-eclampsia with the possibility of HELLP because my platelets were low and it seemed as though my liver and kidneys weren't functioning properly.

Hours passed and they now were 100% certain I had HELLP Syndrome. I had a cerebral edema, I was now classified as Hypertensive Emergency (BP 190/125) and my organs were steadily declining. The doctors came in and informed me that I was now at a high risk for seizures and/or stroke. I would not be allowed more than 2 visitors, the lights in my room had to stay off, and no loud talking or noises. So they begun my labor induction and the magnesium drip.

I was still in a mild shock at this point, wondering how I went from fine, to this in a matter of a day. My labor was progressing very slowly so I slept most of the time but I was always burning up because of the magnesium.

May 1st and I was now in full labor, I was having trouble breathing so they placed a nasal cannula. 12:22 am May 2nd our daughter was born. She was sent to the NICU because she was in respiratory distress. I did not even get to really look at her or hold her before they took her But Justin did get to go down and see her and she was doing good.

At 3:00 am my nurse comes in to check my bleeding. She noted I was bleeding a little heavy. I told her I was freezing cold. I could not stop shaking and shivering. So she turned the temperature up in the room and brought me warm blankets. 30 minutes later, the nurse comes back and I am shivering so badly and at this point I feel dizzy and confused.

When she lifts the blankets off me and looks under them; she quickly checks my heart rate and BP and bolts out of the room. The next thing I see are at least 12 doctors and nurses running to my room and the emergency alarm in my room is blaring.

I am in hypovolemic shock. I’m gradually getting weaker until I eventually lost consciousness. I woke up a couple hours later with three new IVs and a nurse sitting by my bed. The relief on her face was apparent. I asked her what happened and she calmly explained that I lost upwards of 3.5 liters of blood and it took them an 45 minutes to stop it, that they had literally began prepping an OR to perform a full hysterectomy when the team finally stopped the bleeding. She told me I was lucky to be alive after everything that had happened this past week.

4 blood transfusions later and when I finally get off the magnesium they brought my daughter to us and transfer me from high dependency L&D to the postpartum ward and I feel like a normal person again. Two days later we go home!

We get home and everything is great. The next night, I end up back in the hospital because I couldn’t breathe; I was bleeding internally and had developed endometritis. This resulted in another hospital stay to get more blood transfusions, fix the bleeding issue and IV antibiotics. I ended up developing an allergy to my own body from the transfusions.

I am thankful for the experiences because it made me aware and I knew the symptoms. It probably kept me from having such a bad experience the second time. My son was born 3 weeks early at the beginning presentation of Pre-E with Severe features. But it was a piece of cake compared to the first time!

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