Grateful for my Medical Team

Post On Tuesday, May 15, 2018 By Paula Hedrick

Grateful for my Medical Team

I am a 43 year old survivor of pre-eclampsia. It was because of my age at my most recent pregnancy that my doctor determined early on to monitor my health extremely close and even told me to do my best to limit stress and also recommended I take baby aspirin everyday along with my prenatal vitamins.

His recommendation of aspirin was due to my previous two miscarriages. The first indication that I may have pre-eclampsia was high blood pressure at my monthly appointments, then came the bloody noses. At first we thought they were due to the irregular weather, so we tried a humidifier per a recommendation from a specialist whom I had seen due to my age. The bloody noses were inconsistent and only happened a few mornings a week, right after I would get up.

Week 25 rolled around and one night I was awakened by severe upper abdominal pains on my right side that wouldn`t go away. I called my doctor the next morning who had me come in and performed an ultrasound; everything looked great. He also did blood work and scheduled me for a gallbladder test.

When the blood work came back the next morning it showed that my liver enzymes were extremely elevated and my platelet count was low and advised me to go directly to the hospital and prepared us for the possibility of delivery. What can only be described as a miracle is that after 3 days of steroid shots and magnesium everything returned to normal and I was discharged with weekly schedule visits.

IMAG0195At week 27 I was back in the hospital for the same thing and where I stayed. The second day in the hospital I woke up with a nose bleed that lasted all day and was even passing clots. The third day after blood work my levels had gone from 97,000 to 25,000, dangerously low. I had to receive3 bags of platelets, steroid shot and more magnesium just to have an emergency c-section.

My daughter was born at 2 pounds and has been in the NICU for 6 weeks so far. She has undergone many procedures to test for brain bleeds, meningitis and MRSA (which she got and had to be isolated for) and blood transfusions. I also had a blood transfusion and was in ICU for a day because of my blood loss during surgery.

I am thankful for the early detection of my doctor and the amazing hospital staff that we are both doing great. We are looking forward to her homecoming in a few weeks.

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