It Wasn't My Time

Post On Thursday, August 02, 2018 By Ana Maria Sarabando-Gaspar

It Wasn't My Time

Becoming a mother was always a dream of mine and a wish to accomplish. When trying to get pregnant, I wasn’t working, and we searched every possible option available. I’ve seen numerous doctors and all said I was too fat, or because my period wasn’t normal, I wouldn't be able to conceive.

After putting my body through endless counts of clomid treatments, I knew that myself and my husband would need a break, both mentally and physically! We searched for better options, new doctors, and even took a mini vacation getaway to clear our minds! After endless blood work, tests and ultrasounds, we finally were able to conceive not one baby but two! I took everything seriously and listened to every bit of advice given. Pregnancy was amazing, no nausea or vomiting (seriously the best pregnancy ever experienced). It wasn’t until I had reached my third trimester, when I noticed extra swolleness and becoming extra tired and out of breath, but I didn’t think too much of it since I was carrying two little humans inside me and still working full time.

Then, it was time for a routine checkup at the doctor's office, that the nurse taking my blood pressure noticed it was a bit high and realized how tired and swollen I was. When the doctor reviewed my symptoms he advised me to go and check into the hospital for further testing, not to be alarmed but just to check things off since I was carrying twins. I didn’t think too much of it, listen to the doctor and had my cousin drop me off at the ER.

I remember that day as if it was yesterday! I checked in on a Thursday late afternoon and right there and then I was admitted for precaution! The next few days would say otherwise. I was given shots of steroids to help with the growth of the twins lungs just in case, and when tests came back, it showed positive for proteins, I was extremely swollen and just over the limit of high blood pressure, but I continued to feel fine and listen to every instruction given! 

Come Sunday night into Monday morning of April 24 to 25 of 2016 - I didn’t feel myself and didn’t sleep well in the bed. I actually slept on the couch they usually have for the guests who are sleeping over the night. Monday morning comes and a nurse came in to check up on me and realized that I didn’t sleep in the bed and asked if I was doing okay! I told her I couldn’t sleep and was feeling a little out of the normal, she then calls for another nurse to help her check the twins heart beats and that when I felt my body losing control and the nurses unable to track the heart rates. They immedially called for help and honestly I only remember being carried out of the room...

I woke up next day(Tuesday) in the ICU and when I came to my senses I was told that an emergency c-section was needed to be performed in order to bring my twins into this world alive, and that I had flatlined on the table and an amazing team of professionals brought me back to life!

image3editedI still get goosebumps every time I share my story and brings me tears, knowing that I was at the right place at the right time. I’m a preeclampsia Survivor as so are my miracle babies Evna and Emma who have turned 2yrs old this past April.

I know it wasn’t my time to go yet, as being a Mommy was and is a dream come true. 

My family and I are extremely thankful and forever grateful for all the professional doctors and nurses and the whole NICU Dept who took an amazing job by taking care of us every single day and second.

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