Life's Hard Lessons

Post On Friday, September 07, 2018 By Nermeen Farag

Life's Hard Lessons

I am sharing my story in the hopes to raise awareness , I was a healthy woman and having no previous medical history, had a healthy pregnancy, and I could have died few hours after giving birth without any warning. I never even knew that there was such a postpartum preeclampsia. 

Not many know about this but it is a deadly pregnancy complication that is also one of the leading causes of maternal and infant mortality and illness. That has no cure! With dangerous symptoms like uncontrollable high blood pressure, high levels of protein in your urine, swelling in legs and feet sometimes sudden, blurred vision, dizziness and gaining more then 4lbs a week. You can also get postpartum preeclampsia which can occur anytime up to 6 weeks after delivery. Be aware of the symptoms and listen to your body! With that being said since there is no cure no matter when in the pregnancy you get it you are highly monitored and usually hospitalized & if things stay elevated they have to deliver baby . 

Some women spend weeks even months in the hospital and still don’t get to come home with a baby! It can cause seizures, stroke, heart attack and can result in the loss of baby and mother! So many women have lost their baby due to this but those aren’t my stories to tell.

I wrote this story few months after giving birth but I never thought one day that this could be my story. My story begins July 15th 2017. The craziest, most exciting, happiest day of my life! Only in labor for a short period of time, and I had the most amazing labor with my husband, it was a out of this world experience that was simply indescribable! With only a short time there he was a beautiful perfect 3.8 baby boy! I couldn’t believe all I could do was smile and admire him.As soon as they put him on my chest it was then and there that our energy bonded together. An energy that could never be broken. The next few hours, I was completely unconscious and that was the start of my case. 

I was insanely dizzy and I had a bad headache and vomiting and just felt all wrong, even emotionally. The nurses assured me it was just normal after labor, but i knew something was wrong, and I knew what I was feeling was not normal.They didn't noticed my blood pressures were rising but still let me leave assuring me that it was just from the spinal. I was unable to breath, had cramps all over my body and suddenly felll completely unconscious. My family screamed for help throughout the hospital. 

I was then diagnosed with postpartum preeclampsia. It was the worst feeling in the world I couldn’t even lift my head, I couldn’t hold my new baby .I was supposed to be at home “like everyone else” I thought I’d never get better, but I did, and I’m a survivor. I definitely still have anxiety from the situation, but I have found so many women who have very similar stories to mine! I always felt alone because nobody I was close to could relate. They didn’t understand and I have found ways to cope with it. I have my good days and my bad but unfortunately many others stories don’t end as well as mine. I’m so proud that my body went full term and waited until my angel was out before unleashing it fury. 
Everytime I hold my baby's tiny hand and stare at him I realize how close I came to not having this moment.

Finally I am here getting stronger everyday 
I read a lot, and I went to all check ups.  This strong life lesson taught for me: trust yourself , if something doesn't seems right so it's probably isn't ,as I was counted one of the deadly deliveries . 
Every single day I look at my son and I thankful for his life and my life which was saved for him and my husband 

I am proud for being a survivor and my duty as a survivor is to help other mothers . 
Postpartum preeclampsia nearly killed me so women need to be educated about it. It's beyond irresponsible for all monitoring to go out the window the minute the baby have born, this must change to save lives. Much love to any of my fellow friends, and thanks to all who supported me.

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