Jaice Diesel

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Jaice Diesel

My husband (boyfriend at the time) planned to get pregnant. We wanted to have a baby, then get married. We got pregnant on our first attempt. We were sooo happy.

Everything was going great, but at around 16wks or so I stated having this really bad pain under my ribcage. I assumed it was heartburn and took tums which seemed to help. Then at around 22 weeks, I called my midwife because I had a migraine that wouldn’t go away. I had had it for 4 days. She scheduled me to come in and they gave me pills that helped.

At 5 months I started noticing swelling. Unusual swelling. I started to feel like a ballon and grew out of my ring.image2

By the 6 month I grew out of my shoes. I told my midwife I had gained 9lbs in just 1 week. She scheduled me for a ultrasound the following week because my stomach hadn’t grown and my bp was elevated but she wasn’t concerned. I had my mother come to the next app with me because I felt the midwife just wasn’t taking me seriously. They took a urine and blood sample.

My mother asked how my bloodcount was. The nurse replied "I didn’t even look at it." She scheduled me to come back in a week.

By this time my bp was pretty night. She sent me to the hospital across the street and her last words to me were, "I still don’t think it’s anytbing to worry about."

Twenty minutes after arriving at the hospital and a blood draw later doctors informed me I wouldn’t be leaving the hospital until I have birth. I was 31 weeks and 6 days. They gave me a steroid shot and did an ultrasound on my baby boy. He scored a 4 out of 8. He failed miserably. The doctors said they wanted to get me to at least 34 weeks.

PlaceMy blood pressure got worse. They put me on magnesium and gave me a shot to bring down my bp. It went down but was still elevated. My baby boy continued to fail all stress tests and ultrasounds and my bp kept shooting up.The morning he passed, I was having sever abdominal pain. I called in the nurse. I was hooked up to monitors at this point so I didn’t know what my bp was or my baby’s heart rate. She came in took my weight and told me just to lay back down and we will check everything with the doctor in a couple hours. A couple hours!

When the doctor came in and hooked me up she knew something was wrong. She checked my cervix and prepped me for a vaginal delivery even tho I was was not dialated or soft. They unhooked my monitors and switch me to a birthing room. They hooked me back up and she could no longer find my baby’s heartbeat. I started to feel faint. A doctor that I have never seen before came in took one look at me and tells them to rush me back for c section.

I woke up to my husband crying and holding our baby. I was so happy, thinking he was so happy, but he comes over to my bedside and tells me he didn’t make it. Doctors never told me what happening until I asked at my 6 week check up. Come to find out I had a full placental abruption and he suffocated. Had he just been delivered I know he would still be here. I on the other hand wasn’t doing to good myself. They thought I had fatty liver and was worried about my low pulse. Things ended up leveling out and I was able to go home 4 days after my baby boy was stillborn. He was 32+4. He was alive in the hospital for 5 days before he finally passed. He fought so hard.

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