Trust Your Intuition

Post On Monday, November 19, 2018 By Michele King

Trust Your Intuition

My story begins with my decision to be a surrogate for someone that desperately wanted to be a parent, but had no other option than surrogacy to make that dream a reality.

I found the perfect Surrogacy agency that connected me to a wonderful person that wanted a little girl if his own. Contracts were signed, injections everyday for several weeks, and transfer set for March 5th. I knew within a few days that the procedure had worked.

I had terrible morning sickness for roughly 18 weeks that left me on the couch most days, which is hard to do with a very active and energetic toddler. I felt pretty good until about week 24, I started feeling just "unwell". I mentioned to my Dr how I was feeling, and also discovered during this visit that I gained 14 lbs in one month, yet was eating healthier and exercising more. I also mentioned when they checked my blood pressure, that mine is usually a little lower than the normal range.

The next few weeks were filled with headaches, edema that suddenly developed and continued to get worse no matter what I did to relieve it. My next Drs appointment, I had gained more than I should have again. That concerned me but along with the other symptoms continuing, my Dr simply stated he was not concerned. I trusted his judgement.

One night at about 30 weeks, I noticed a blur in one eye that became so intense I couldn't see it if that eye for roughly an hour. I called the on call Dr and it was suggested that I go to the ER. By this time I could see again and felt normal.

Knowing how long I could be sitting in the wait room I decided to just take a quick shower and prepare for the trip. While in the shower I suddenly couldn't read the words on the shampoo bottle. I knew the words, I was aware of my surroundings, I knew what I was doing, but I could not comprehend the words. I then tried to read the words out loud. What I was trying to say and what was coming out of my mouth were not the same words.

At this point, I am freaking out. I know this isn't good and could possibly be a stroke. I went to the ER, they did a CT scan monitored me and the baby and decided to send me home as I was no longer having symptoms.

I saw my Dr a few days later and he sent me to a specialist. Specialist determined this was just a vasospasm and shouldn't be anything to worry about.

About 3 more weeks go by and I can no longer pee more than a very small amount, I have severe edema, my eyes and face are both swollen, I just did not feel well. While at the Dr during my 33 week appointment, my Dr became very concerned as my BP was very high, 150's over 100's, I cannot remember exactly. He decided to admit me.

My BP continued to rise and at one point was 181/112. They then transferred me to a hospital with a NICU. I was given numerous medications, constantly monitored and diagnosed with severe preeclampsia.

The edema continued to build and I gained more than 20 lbs by the 7th day in the hospital, all water weight. I could hardly move, barely walk, and my kidneys were not functioning properly. After a failed induction we delivered the baby at 34 weeks.

Baby was healthy, but still needed to be in NICU for a few weeks. I lost 57 lbs in 2 weeks, almost all edema. My BP staryed elevated for 5 days after delivery but was able to leave once I didn't need to be treated for a full 24 hours.

I am doing much better, although I will likely never have anymore children after this experience. I truly feel that my Dr ignored what I was trying to tell him, that something was wrong and feel that my 10 days spent in the hospital could have been avoided had he truly listened to me. I have noticed this happening to other surrogates. We get blown off as there isn't protein in the urine right away, but had several other symptoms that should have been taken seriously. I feel lucky to be alive.

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