She lost her baby and nearly died herself – a burden no mother should know

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She lost her baby and nearly died herself – a burden no mother should know

“Preeclampsia killed my baby and my work with the Foundation is my way of honoring her.” – Tamara Butler

 In March 2017, Tamara Butler was pregnant with her second child, a precious daughter. “It was an exciting time for my family,” said Tamara. “We were buying hair bows and pretty little dresses. We were so excited.” Her son Sam was 10 years old at the time and looking forward to being a big brother.

 Tamara found out about her pregnancy early and had been going to prenatal appointments since she was six weeks pregnant. Nothing out of the ordinary until she experienced high blood pressure at 22 weeks. Her doctor had her rest at home; her blood pressure returned to normal so he wasn’t concerned.

 Two weeks later, Tamara had a doctor’s appointment on a Monday. “My baby was fine,” she says. “She was kicking and dancing in the ultrasound. Everything was fine. Tuesday evening, I started feeling awful. My ankles, lips, fingers, everything was swollen. I looked horrible. But I thought, this must be that strange period in a pregnancy where your body blows up. I didn’t think much about it.”

 It was the following Friday when Tamara realized the baby wasn’t moving. She was supposed to be getting her maternity photos taken later that day but decided to go to the hospital to get an ultrasound.

 “She was gone. No heartbeat,” said Tamara. “Between Monday evening and Friday morning, my baby died. It was the hardest thing I ever dealt with.”

 Tamara’s health continued to decline. “I really wasn’t paying attention,” said Tamara. “They had just told me that my daughter was dead, and now I was fighting for my life. All because of preeclampsia, something I had never heard of.” 

 After four days in the hospital, Tamara was discharged home, where she began her fight against depression over the loss of her baby. “The first thing I did when I got home was to Google ‘preeclampsia’ and I came across the Preeclampsia Foundation. I called the office right away because I had to do something, anything, to help me heal. They gave me lots of support and love. I was adamant about wanting to do something so they helped me set up a virtual Promise Walk for Preeclampsia right then and there and I raised $300 from family and friends.”

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That was the beginning of Tamara’s volunteer work with the Preeclampsia Foundation. “I’m so grateful for the Foundation; it’s my way of giving back and honoring my daughter.”

Tamara now serves as Chair of the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in Beaufort, South Carolina, and she and her family are more dedicated than ever to supporting the Preeclampsia Foundation’s mission.

They join us in asking for your support. Please help us create a brighter future for families by making a gift to the Preeclampsia Foundation.

Moms and babies are depending on us – and we’re depending on you. As we enter the season of giving, your year-end gift will guarantee that we can continue to move forward with our shared mission.

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As the nation’s only patient advocacy organization dedicated to preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, moms and babies are depending on us to save them from these hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Your generosity helps us advocate for policies and practices to prevent maternal and infant deaths and illnesses, educate and support our community, and fund research to find a cure.


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