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On May 8, 2018, I went to an OB appointment and my blood pressure was 188/110. I also had some protein in my urine.

My OB sent me over to the hospital for monitoring and possible treatment. When we got to the hospital, the blood pressure continued to rise and the protein was still in my urine. I was admitted and diagnosed with preeclampsia.

Prior to the OB visit, I had had a few headaches but nothing of real concern and had begun to swell, particularly in my feet, but did not think it was unusual, just a normal symptom of pregnancy.

I was in the hospital for three weeks and was on blood pressure medicines. My blood pressure spiked a few times and they were able to control it with rising medicines and sometimes giving extra intravenous medicines to slowly lower it. The baby was small for the gestational age and I had low placental fluid.

After three weeks, they did another ultrasound and found that the baby had not grown at all so they recommended delivery. I had an emergency c-section at 24 weeks 5 days and delivered our gorgeous daughter, Colette.

She fought for nine days before we lost her.

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