Miracle 26 Weeker

Post On Tuesday, January 08, 2019 By Jacky Nghiem

Miracle 26 Weeker

My daughter, Adelaide, was born October 27, 2017 due to super-imposed preeclampsia. On October 25, my day started off just like any other. I went to work and chatted with my co-workers about our upcoming office Halloween party. I was really excited to reveal my homemade gumball costume to accentuate my baby bump. I develop a horrible headache and noticed my left hand was extremely swollen. Since I have a history of high blood pressure, I knew these were symptoms of a spiked reading. I had a blood pressure cuff at work, checked my readings, and sure enough the numbers were high. I called my OB and spoke to the nurse, she was aware of my health concerns. She suggested I go to the ER if my numbers continued to rise and I still felt lousy. Sure enough around 6pm, my blood pressure rose to 171/110, a very dangerous level, So, off to the ER my husband and I went. 

From there, it was fast and furious. The nurses checked my urine for protein, which was present and my blood pressure continued to rise. They gave me a catheter and administered magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures which made me very ill. I had a PICC line inserted so medication could be easily administered and quickly, if needed. 

After 24 hours my blood pressure seemed to finally be getting under control when we discovered Addy was suffering from IUGR. It was at this point, the doctors decided to deliver. She was safer outside than in, is what they told me. I was prepped for c-section and at 5:17 PM at 1 lb 10 oz, Adelaide Paige was born. She was immediately intubated, I didn't get to see her or touch her. My husband was right by her side as she was whisked away to the NICU. I was wheeled back to the ICU where I recovered from my adverse reaction to the epidural. 

Adelaide endured a 101 day long journey in the NICU filled with love, fear, hope, and ultimately, triumph. She had a few setbacks, but for the most part she met every milestone and avoided any major surgeries or diagnosis. She was discharged on oxygen but only needed it for about 8 weeks. 

She is now a crawling, giggling, joyful 14 month old that is the love of our life. For all those families going through the NICU journey, celebrate every day and understand that this period is only a small chapter in your miracle's story. 

Promoting education on women's health and in particular, preeclampsia is very important to me and I hope this story will help a woman to trust her instincts and know they are not alone.

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