Post Delivery Preeclampsia

Post On Thursday, February 28, 2019 By Nicole Krempasky

Post Delivery Preeclampsia

I was diagnosed postpartum in 2012, when I had my daughter (January 25th). I had a perfectly normal, healthy pregnancy throughout, though there were subtle signals of something potentially being amiss. I did have one urine screen towards the end come back high- I stayed at the office and retested which came back normal. I also had tremendous swelling in my feet with edema but was told to just drink some lemon water. My mother had preeclampsia with my oldest sibling (16 years prior to my birth) which I told my midwives, but no one ever cautioned me or advised me any further information on it, nor did I have any additional monitoring. 

My labor was a little difficult, as I opted for no medications or interventions. Immediately following delivery, I did have a rather odd feeling- kind of like a strange sense of paranoia that I wasn’t going to be around for my baby. I didn’t say this to my husband or anyone else, as I thought it was probably a combination of a rush of emotion, exhaustion and hormones and assumed it was normal. Now after reading other women’s stories, I’ve seen how that’s been a feeling many survivors have had.

My mom is a retired RN and was in the room with me immediately following my delivery. She noticed my symptoms prior to any of the nurses or midwives on staff. She thought something was wrong but didn’t say it directly to me, though now looking back I recall her whispers to the nurses, regarding the machines with a concerned look, etc. I begged to please get up and take a shower or clean myself up a bit, thinking I’d feel better and warm up. I was freezing and starting to shake badly. I did tell my mom that I felt like I couldn’t relax and that’s when she asked me to try standing up and went to take my pulse.

Upon standing, I immediately started to hemorrhage. She told me to get back in the bed and called the nurses back in. They took my midwives off my case and transferred my care over to an OB/GYN. They started the catheter for me and had me on a magnesium drip and oxytocin within 30 minutes of my bleeding. I was very lucky that I was in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania where the staff was top notch. 

I did have one bad experience with a doctor since then. Upon moving home to the Scranton, PA area, I started with a new doctor. I asked him what he felt about me having another child and what my risk of preeclampsia could be if I were to get pregnant again. His response was that ‘no one really gets that; I wouldn’t be worried.’ He had my chart in front of him, too, and is one of the most respected OBs in my area.

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