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Our first pregnancy was as normal as could be - no morning sickness, no nothing, full term birth with a happy 5 lb 11 oz baby girl. Our second started with minor food aversion and nausea that eventually went away. We were due March 9th 2018. Around October/November I started to have moments where I felt like it was hard to breathe. Other times I would get excruciating headaches and despite being able to fall asleep, they would pick right back up when I woke up in the morning. I would check the box for headaches at my checkups, but don't recall being asked about them and I don't remember there being a box for labored breathing so I thought nothing of either symptom. 

At least not until our 32 week checkup (January 8th.) My husband was running late and I told him not to worry and I would just see him at home afterward - boy was I glad he didn't listen to me in that moment! My blood pressure was normal, but there was some protein in my urine. The doctor noted low amniotic fluid and sent us down to the Maternal & Fetal Specialist for a more in depth ultrasound. Upon getting checked in, my blood pressure was already starting to climb from just 30 minutes prior. As the tech started the ultrasound she was telling us everything she was looking at, until she got to 3 spots - she started measuring the spots and left the room. A few minutes later the doctor came in and introduced herself and followed that with, "I'm really glad you came to see me tonight" - something nobody wants to hear from a doctor. The spots were abrasions/infarctions and affecting the blood flow in/out of the placenta and that all signs were pointing to preeclampsia. She told us we were being admitted to the hospital and would likely need to deliver within 24-48 hours. 

I couldn't believe everything I was hearing and immediately fell apart. How could this be happening - I was a healthy person, worked out for the first 5/6 months of this pregnancy, didn't eat terribly, had a normal first pregnancy - what on earth went wrong?! I was immediately put on magnesium sulfate and instantly my body felt like it was on fire. The next morning my eyes were nearly swollen shut. Nurses had a hard time finding my veins due to all the swelling which resulted in several failed attempts every day that week, leaving me looking like a heroin addict from all the bruising. Constant pricks, blood pressure checks, and vital monitoring is how I spent my first night and next 2 days. I don't recall fully understanding why they were monitoring all they were monitoring and what could happen, but my husband has always been better at asking questions than I. 

BraydenWednesday night my doctor came in and told me not to eat breakfast in the morning just to be on the safe side - I took that as his passive way of telling me we could be heading into surgery. Sure enough, Thursday morning I had my last ultrasound and it showed the placenta had started to detach and we needed to have an emergency c-section right away. Barely awake for 20 minutes and I was heading into the biggest surgery of my life - there aren't words to describe how that felt. Brayden was born at 10:52 am January 11th at 3 lbs 5 oz and immediately wheeled over to NICU where he spent almost a month of his life. I was discharged that Sunday and had a happy/tearful reunion with my daughter. Brayden came home to us on February 5th and has continued to grow both in size and personality. While we are so thankful for his progress, I will never forget that week as being the most physically and emotionally miserable week of my life.

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