My 26 Week Miracle

Post On Tuesday, March 05, 2019 By Nyeisha Tobin

My 26 Week Miracle

My name is Nyeisha, and my child and I are survivors of preeclampsia! Everything happened so fast, I had never heard of preeclampsia before it happened to me. I was experiencing some abdominal pain, it was not too bad but it made me worry, so I went to the emergency room. When the nurse took my vitals she looked at me as if I had just sprung a second head. She used my other arm to again check my blood pressure and immediately called for a doctor. At this point I was freaking out, the pain started to get worse and I started to get a headache.

I was rushed into a room where I got a shot in my buttocks of a steroid and an IV with a magnesium drip that felt SO hot. I was given pain medications and I'm not even sure what else, but after a two-day stay I was symptom-free and told I could go home and that the next day I needed to return for a blood pressure check.

The next day I went for my blood pressure check and again, a nurse looked at me as if I randomly grew an extra limb. Again my other arm was used to check my blood pressure. My OB/GYN was there and instructed me to immediately go to Yale New Haven Hospital because my blood pressure was too high and the hospital I was at was not equipped for an emergency situation with a baby as small as the blessing in my belly.

I get to Yale and am poked and prodded all over, but I had no symptoms other than my blood pressure being too high. After three days at Yale, my pressure became under control and I was told I could leave. I stood up and felt the most excruciating abdominal pain. I started to vomit and felt extremely faint, thank God I was close enough to push the nurse call button because I passed out and woke up with another magnesium IV and doctors everywhere. I had been given medication for pain to help my symptoms and felt like a drunk. I could not stay awake. Finally a doctor shook me and told me that I was going to have an emergency c-section right now.

I was told that not only did I have preeclampsia, but also HELLP syndrome and that my life depended on taking my baby boy out. My son was delivered at 26 weeks weighing at 1 lb 5o z. I was told he was too small to intubate, that they didn't believe he would make it out of the resuscitation room. He did. My 1 lb soldier fought to keep his heart beating, fought to keep his lungs going, fought a terrible stomach infection that led to two spinal taps on his tiny body, fought all odds that were against him for four months in the NICU.

My recovery was fine which was shocking to doctors based on how sick I got and how quick it was. My baby had a rough four months, but against all odds he is now almost three years old with NO medical issues. He has no asthma, no need for glasses, and is such a chubby pork chop that nobody would ever know he was once a fragile 1 lb preemie. He and I are both survivors!

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