Warren Carver

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Warren Carver

My son was due on 2/10/19. I had a healthy pregnancy and exercised every day during the pregnancy. Throughout pregnancy my systolic blood pressure ranged from 110-120. At 37 weeks there was a fear that the baby was “too small” so an ultrasound was done, but the size was determined to be healthy and all proportions normal. I was passionate about having a vaginal delivery, so when the doctor asked if I wanted to be induced at my appointment the day after my due date, I said no.

I was scheduled to be induced at 41 weeks, but my water broke that morning (2/17/19) and our beautiful son Warren Joseph Carver was born 14 hours after rupture. My blood pressure was slightly elevated during labor, 130-140 systolic. After birth, my blood pressure remained in the 130-140 systolic range but I assumed it was due to the painful tearing and stitches.

I was advised to follow up with my OB that week. On Friday, five days after my son was born, I saw the doctor and my blood pressure was over 160 and I had a mild headache. I had a headache since delivery but thought it was from lack of sleep and a history of trigemnial neuralgia that causes facial pain, sometimes leaving me with a headache as well. I was sent to the ED and lab work showed transaminities so I was admitted and started on magnesium. I took Labetolol 200 mg twice a day for about 10 days, then 100 mg twice a day. The Labetolol was stopped when my blood pressure was consistently 110 or less. I continued to monitor my blood pressure, which has been normal since.

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