Never Look at Symptoms as Being Normal

Post On Monday, April 01, 2019 By Meichico Aldridge Huggins

Never Look at Symptoms as Being Normal

I’m a mother of four, two singletons and one set of twins. My first pregnancy I was 19 and delivered at 20 around week 32-33 I developed high blood pressure. After weeks of monitoring my blood pressure and my son’s movement and one overnight stay at the hospital, the doctor scheduled me for induction at 37 weeks. After 30 hours of labor my son was delivered via c-section. Once he was delivered my blood pressure went back to normal.

Ten years later I was pregnant with my daughter at 29 and delivered at 30, she was a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. I had no complications during the pregnancy or after delivery.

Two years later I was pregnant for my last time at 31 and delivered at 32. This pregnancy was fraternal twin boys; I had no complications during my pregnancy. I worked until 32 weeks and had a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks which I made it to.

Everything went fine; three days in the hospital and I went home as normal. Exactly a week after delivery my husband, our three little ones, and I were in the pediatrician's office and I passed out and had the first seizure in the waiting room. I was taken by ambulance to the first hospital, I then had a second seizure while in the ambulance. After the CT scan at first hospital and them finding out I just had delivered a week prior, they transferred me back to the hospital I delivered at.

I woke up late that night back in the hospital with my husband sitting at my bedside. I didn’t pay attention to the signs because all of the signs were normal things for me: I get migraines, I had a c-section so I had stomach pain and because a c-section is a invasive surgery, sometimes you can have shortness of breath.

Never look at things as normal because you could end up like me or worse. I had to see a neurologist and testing showed that my brain was normal and that it was due to the pregnancy that I had the two seizures. I was cleared but I do now have to take a low dose of blood pressure medication because my blood pressure has continued to be 144/78-146/82 if I am not on any medication.

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