What is Preeclampsia?

Post On Wednesday, April 24, 2019 By Tisha Young

What is Preeclampsia?

As parent of three, I never ever heard of or witnessed preeclampsia until 2018. I had been following with up with my OB/GYN and hospital visitor throughout my pregnancy. I had several sonograms from November until January; I was around 32 weeks when my pregnancy was all high risk due to not having a cerclage placement so they monitored me until 32 weeks. I was told usually after 32 weeks, babies have a better chance of survival. I didn’t need to come as often anymore.

At my last visit, they noticed something wrong -- before I could leave from my regular sonogram appointment, they sent me upstairs to the ER to get my blood pressure checked. It was a little high and I was told to drink plenty water. I saw my doctor in February for my regular follow up appointment; my blood pressure was a little up. I went home but over time I kept sleeping a lot, I was still vomiting a lot, I swelled up a lot. I told my doctor, he said that’s just your pregnancy.

At my next prenatal visit, my doctor had me pee in the red container. A couple days, maybe a week later, I was urinating a little. I told my doctor that Saturday and that Monday was a nightmare. I ended up going to a hospital close to my mom and lost my baby. My blood pressure was extremely high and they had to give me an emergency C-section. The hospital told me all the risk factors that I didn’t think would happen to me. I was in a coma and when I woke up, I saw tubes all around me, doctors telling me to relax.

My blood pressure went up again. I’m like, what happened to me? I thought it was still Monday but it was eight days later. I was told I kept clotting and needed 13 pints of blood. They couldn’t stitch or close up the wound because I kept clotting. My blood pressure and breathing weren’t stable. I’m in this hospital, which knew nothing about me, wondering how I lost my baby. Now I’m praying I pull through, trying to remain calm with all the tubes. I couldn’t cry; if I did, my blood pressure ran up. I couldn’t even pronounce preeclampsia at the time. All I could do was pray; I blame myself. How did I miss the signs? But that hospital -- Coney Island Hospital -- saved my life.

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