3x Preeclampsia Survivor

Post On Wednesday, April 24, 2019 By Shawnterria Tigner

3x Preeclampsia Survivor

My first experience of this condition I had never heard of it all. I was put on bed rest and was instructed take care at home strategies to keep blood pressure down.

My first born was a 30 weeker, 2nd born was 34 weeks, and 26 week twins. They are all girls and all of my symptoms started around 25 weeks and delivered once it turned into eclampsia.

I had a placenta abruption with my second birth and I told my nurse something was not right when they decided to induce. She thanked me for saying something because some women just sit there. My twins were just taken after my 24 hour testing as usual and this time no bedrest and they were sent to ICU and not breathing on there own.

My youngest 3 are 9 months apart and yes I know they say father apart is better. While pregnant with my twins I also went through postpartum depression. I never knew this organization existed.

It's sad because moms are getting left behind because no one asks or is not aware. I am a millennial generation and I am speaking up. This has really brought so much stress to my life as a mom. Its 3 phases. Fight Preeclampsia, Survive the NICU, and there is the After life of a Preemie Mom.

But no one asks the mom do you need help mentally or a break, or yoga for you to relax, or a brochure to this foundation to share stories. I am all in, I have 4 daughters I am fighting for other moms who did not make it. We will find a cure and get people in our communities to fund more for this organization. Thank you for not giving up and getting this bill noticed.

I will be walking May 18 to celebrate myself for once during this journey.

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